Payday Advance Loans in Several Clicks is a referral service for cash advance loans, payday advance loans. Our company collaborates with a network of lenders throughout the United States except for Arkansas, West Virginia, New York, Vermont. When applying for a safe online payday loan, we will connect you with a lender. Then, the lender will inform you about interest rates, additional documents, and terms in which monthly payments will be made.

What is a cash advance?

Cash advance is a convenient and profitable financial product can be provided urgently for a shorter or longer period. Today, the development of the financial market is taking place in the conditions of constantly developing Internet technologies and the highest possible speed of various business processes. Consumer demand is also changing rapidly. Among its main trends is an online loan. Every person can sign an agreement from anywhere in the USA having only an Internet access.

Cash loans in the USA

About 350,000 online loans are issued each day in the United States. At the same time, the maximum interest rates in the United States can reach up to 3% per day. There were more microfinance companies in California in 2004 than McDonald’s and Burger King restaurants. The average microfinance loan in the United States is $9,732. It is ten times higher then the average microfinance loan in developing countries.

In the USA, payday advance loans can be issued to persons over 18 years of age (in some states, the age to be approved for a payday loan is 21). Microloans are most actively taken before the holidays and vacations, and a decrease is usually observed in the summer months.

Americans take short-term loans to earn. Small business loans allow owners to more effectively manage their operations without interrupting production processes. At the same time, 67% of borrowers show a significant increase in their income as a result of “timely insurance” of the business.

How much cash can I get now through

Available loan amounts are:

  • $200.00 – $500.00;
  • $500.00 – $1,000.00;
  • $1,100.00 – $2,500.00;
  • $2,500.00 – $5,000.00.

Cash you will get is specified by the lender itself after the assesstment of the online application. Our company doesn’t guarantee you will get the highest possible loan amount.

Requirements for online loans with monthly payments

There are several requirements to be approved for online loans with monthly payment terms. They are:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • be a U.S. citizen;
  • be employed and have a reliable source of income;
  • have a checking account;
  • have a valid email address and phone number.

Some additional information can be defined by a lender itself.


The main advantages of an online loan are the speed and lack of need to visit an MFI office. Money is available anywhere and anytime, day or night. In addition, interest rates in online lending companies may be lower due to minimization of costs.

One more attractive benefit is that such companies do not ask for what reasons they need money. You may spend them o any matter you need: travelling, business, car repair, home construction, and etc.

Our company also offers car loans. The peculiar features will be described in the next abstract.

Car loans and insurance

You can get car loans using a car itself or a title. The loan amount will be less, but the car owner can continue to use it. The title of the car together with its insurance is a security, but a copy can be provided to the pawnshop.

A title loan has several advantages compared to getting financial assistance from large banking institutions. Consideration of applications does not take much time: you can often get a loan on the application day. The interest on the loan is lower than in banks and common microfinancial institutions. The lender does not require registration of car insurance (such insurance is required in banks, moreover, life and health insurance of the car owner may be necessary).

Another feature of such a loan is that this loan belongs to the category of urgent and can be issued on the day of application. In banks, the process of such applications may take several weeks.

The owner of the car is not required to provide income certificates and confirm official employment. In general, when choosing a pawnshop option, the borrower should not be subject to strict banking requirements in terms of age and credit history. Such a loan can be approved even for non-working persons with a bad credit history. This is due to the fact that a car loans even in the absence of loan payments does not incur losses: in such situations, a credit institution can get a car into its property by court order and sell it. As a result, people may buy a car with insurance online.