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3 luxury A class vans

This class includes vans of a high level of comfort, large sizes. We have included only the most reliable, proven, and cool models in this list.


Its length is just over 9 meters. Such an area allows the manufacturer to successfully create an exclusive comfortable home. Motor power of 362 liters allows every owner to cover great distances. The basic configuration includes an enhanced air conditioner, boiler, bathroom, microwave oven, and gas stove. The equipment also included: a potable water tank, a waste tank.


Design of living room, bedroom, bathrooms is of preference of every user. The Fleetwood RV Discovery is powered by a 380 horsepower engine. It has a very good cross-country ability, easily copes with bumps on the road.


The leader in class A is this cool van, which is comparable to a luxury 5-star hotel. It has everything you need for a comfortable home. The 30-ton mobile home has two floors. There is a huge living room, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a conference room, and 7 plasma TVs inside.

This model is not only the most comfortable but also the safest. Thanks to the installation on the outer surface of modern cameras, the driver gets full 360 ° visibility. The only drawback of such a van is its high cost.

2 medium-sized B class vans

This class includes minivans equipped with extra sleeping arrangements, which are located above the driver’s cabin. Their interior space is distinguished by a variety of layouts. These vans are popular due to their optimal cost and a good level of comfort for two families or a large one.


This van has excellent external data that attract many drivers. It also has a pleasant, multi-functional interior. A motor with a capacity of 188 liters allows a driver to accelerate a cruising speed of 110-130 km / h. However, the main advantage of this model is not the speed of movement. The downside to this van is the possibility of damage to the alcove, especially if the journey is on gravel.

#1: JAYCO SENECA 37 TS (2019)

The engine of this van is equipped with a 340 horsepower turbodiesel engine. The motorhome has rich equipment. There are three separate exits, a large number of luggage compartments, a comfortable seat for the driver, surveillance cameras, and a generator that generates about 8,000 kW of electricity. This energy is enough for the operation of all electrical and household appliances. But despite the high power, cross-country ability on a bad road leaves much to be desired.

Best 5 compact, small C class vans

C-class RVs are medium to small-sized vans with medium equipment, budget pricing, and maintenance.


Budget, comfortable mobile home. Its length is about 6 meters. Engine power of 188 liters is quite enough for successful road travel. The 3.0 diesel engine develops power up to 190 hp, works with an automatic transmission. It has rear-wheel drive. The configuration includes a separate shower, toilet, washbasin with a mirror. Lockers, 2 TVs, rearview camera in the cockpit, heating gas or electricity from the air conditioner. Double glazing, double curtains on the windows, and blackout on the cockpit.


The first semi-integrated RV with a tailgate. It is not only the most compact model, but flexible compared to other small vans. The living area is filled with a wonderful atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy your travels. The large tailgate with a low sill makes it easy to load and transport even bulky goods. Dynamic stripes make the look unique and recognizable. The interior feels spacious thanks to the straight walls made of sandwich panels.


A modern, innovative van that can function as a compact office and travel vehicle. The distinctive features are attractive motorhome interior design, exquisite furniture. The comfortable, wide cab is equipped with large windows and mirrors for good visibility. Built-in diesel heating is provided in winter. This model is the perfect balance of thoughtful interior content and stylish exterior. There is a special version of Dethleffs Esprit Comfort, in which absolutely everything is thought out for fans of mountain sports.


CHALLENGER GENESIS C 287 is designed for lovers of outdoor activities and sports. The van is equipped with special compartments for bicycles and other equipment. It has excellent cross-country ability, an economical fuel consumption of about 10 liters per 100 km.

It is considered one of the most budgetary options. The van has a workplace where you can study. Kitchen with refrigerator, stove, sink. There is also a place for washing, storing things, seven closed container shelves, well fixed so that nothing falls off while driving.

#1: HYMER ML-T 570 (2019)

This is not the most compact van, but it has everything you need for long journeys and this Mercedes-based model fits perfectly. It belongs to the most economical van for 4 people.

There are a huge number of finishes, ranging from budget to leather and expensive wood finishes. Being 6,740 mm, 4WD, and fuel-efficient, it is characterized as the best budget motorhome in 2020.

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