Auto Leasing in the USA

A car can be booked directly on the dealer’s website or from brokers offering options from different companies. The latter, as a rule, is cheaper, and there is more choice. If the airport is indicated as the place of car pick-up, keep in mind that you will not find a car at the airport itself – you must first find the shuttle parking that takes customers to the rental offices for free.

Sometimes you need to get permission to export cars outside the state.

Documents, insurance

You will need an ID with a valid visa, a driver’s license and a credit card (it’s a credit card, but since debit cards to rent a car in the States. When booking over the Internet, you do not need to indicate card data, only your full name, e-mail, address and phone. The driver must be at least 25 years old. In some companies, It is possible to rent a car from the age of 18, and in some only from the age of 21.Auto Leasing in the USA

The cost of car rental in the USA usually includes: SLI + CDW insurance, Unlimited Mileage, which can sometimes be limited to several states, and local taxes. Additionally paid: add. insurance, a second driver (often, if the spouse is the second driver, no surcharge for it), renting a navigator (if renting for a period of more than a week, the navigator will be cheaper to buy), renting an EZ Pass (automatic payment card for toll roads, saves entry time and check out), child car seat.

The rental period is usually considered from 12 noon (12 am) to noon the next day, that is, if you pick up the car, say, at 9 am or return it late for more than 90 minutes, you will be credited with one more day. Upon receipt of the car, prepayment is deducted from the card, plus 25-30% pre-payment – the final payment is made upon car delivery.

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Fuel and refueling

Gasoline in the USA is characterized as Regular, Midgrade, Premium. Regular is suitable for most rented cars. Refueling prices are quoted for 1 gallon, equal to about 3.79 liters. In general, prices do not vary much in a particular state. Gas stations accept credit cards, the sequence of actions is usually indicated on the scoreboard. At some gas stations, it is required to indicate the zip code of the place where the card was issued.

The car is rented out with a full tank – you must also return it with a full one, so be puzzled by the search for the nearest gas station as soon as you get a car. Alternatively, you can pre-pay Fuel Service.

Traffic laws

When traveling by car in the USA, it is worth remembering that traffic rules and the amount of fines, as well as the cost of gasoline and parking hours, differ from state to state. There are many nuances, but the basic norms of behavior on the road remain almost unchanged. The speed limit is indicated in miles and is accompanied by the inscription Speed Limit. Other signs that are often found on the tracks: Road closed – the road is closed; Do not pass – overdriving is prohibited; One way – one-way traffic; Wrong way – it is forbidden to move in this direction; No motor vehicles – traffic is prohibited; Road work ahead – ahead of the road work.

It is forbidden to transport children under 6 years old without a special baby seat. In 26 states and the District of Columbia, seat belts must be fastened to all who are in the car. The dipped beam should be turned on at any time of the day. Talking on the phone while driving is prohibited, but not in all states. Opened bottles of alcohol are not allowed inside the car. It is forbidden to overtake a school bus making boarding/disembarking children; moreover, when you see that the bus has stopped at the curb and turned on the flashing red signals, you must stop regardless of direction.

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Speed limit in the USA:

  • business/residence district: 20-25 mph;
  • freeway: 55-75 mph;
  • living area (alley): 15 mph.

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