Guide to Personalised Number Plates

Guide to Personalised Number Plates

In each of the 50 states, as well as in the District of Columbia, you have the right to make your own number plate with any available combination of characters.

You cannot order a personalized plate with obscene words, but the wording of obscene meanings differs in each state. It is also prohibited to use the words “NO PLATE”, “MISSING”, “NOTAG”, “VOID”, “NONE” and “XXXXXXX” due to errors in the recognition system.

In addition to letters and numbers in California, for example, you can place a hand, heart, star, or plus sign. Non-standard characters are also available in New Hampshire and North Carolina. A tenth of all personal nameplates are registered in Virginia, which offers over 200 different designs.

By the way, the number of characters on a personal number plate can affect the price that collectors ask for. So three characters on a Delaware number are valued at $50,000, two characters at $200,000, and one character could be worth $400,000 at auction.

When ordering thematic signs, it is required to provide documents confirming belonging to a certain group. For example, veterans, disabled people, radio amateurs, firemen, police officers, Indians, Freemasons. Many states do not charge additional fees for such a mark.

Radio amateurs use the callsign on the number, but the law was passed even before the widespread introduction of individual plates, and special conditions and discounts apply to them. They also have the right to use the same signs on several cars because the callsign is unique throughout the country.

In some states, you can order special numbers for yourself: with the image of nature, the emblem of the university, dedicated to some event or anniversary. The funds from these plates go to the appropriate organizations. Symbols can be serial or personal.

How much is a personalized number plate? You can buy personalized number plates for about $60 and then pay $31.25 each year to renew it. In some states, you can buy private plates for less.

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