Tell DVLA You’ve Moved to Your New Home

Tell DVLA You've Moved to Your New Home

When changing their place of residence, many vehicle owners think about re-issuing documents for the car. The procedure is important today since the fines recorded by the camera are sent to the address indicated in the owner’s vehicle log book (V5C). In addition, the inconsistency of registration with the data in the documents may cause refusal of cash payments by the insurer or technical inspection at accredited centers. Since many citizens do not want to re-register, the process has been greatly simplified.

New provisions upon changing the address on the logbook (v5c)

Today the process is greatly simplified since the procedure for removing a car from the register when changing an address is performed automatically. The owner will only need to appear at the nearest branch of the DVLA with a package of papers, which includes:

  • document confirming the identity of a citizen (ID);
  • vehicle passport (driving license);
  • registration certificate;
  • papers confirming the ownership of the vehicle (vehicle log book (V5C).

You also need to fill out an application. The form can be taken from the physical office of DVLA or downloaded on their Internet site. Today, a condition has also been introduced that the owner does not have to provide an insurance policy when processing documents. However, it is recommended to bring it along with other documents. This will help avoid data failure.

Re-registration steps

Since when changing the address on the logbook (v5c), there is no longer a need to deregister the car, the process is performed in one stage. After collecting all the documents, the owner only needs to arrive at the DVLA without reference to the place of residence. The procedures are:

  • filing an application with a package of collected documents;
  • inspection of the vehicle for compliance with the marking, engine and chassis;
  • acceptance of a document for re-registration of papers;
  • production and delivery of a new v5c;
  • entering new data into the DVLA.
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Since when changing registration, standard operations are carried out, citizens are required to pay for the services provided.

Good news: today you can change address on v5 online.The new online service will help you receive a new log book from up to 6 weeks to just 5 working days.

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