Driving Tips for Novice Drivers

Be sure to use a wing and side mirrors

Never forget to look in the wing mirrors. This is especially true when you want to change lines. However, you should not be limited to mirrors only. Before changing the lines, also turn your head in the direction of maneuver to make sure that another car is not driving in the blind zone near you.

Look not only at the car in front of you

The mistake of many novice drivers is a small overview of the traffic situation. Typically, beginners look at the road directly in front of them or just at the car in front. But this is a mistake. You have to look far ahead, controlling the movement of cars going far ahead of you. Also, you should see all traffic lights, traffic signs in advance. So you will be able to adjust your speed in advance if necessary, and if necessary, you will have more time to stop.Driving Tips for Novice DriversDo not let other drivers divert your attention

Many novice drivers are very inattentive due to the intense stress associated with natural stress. Therefore, novice drivers should be the least distracted while driving and not react to provocations of other drivers. Unfortunately, many experienced drivers do not like newcomers on the road. There are even such drivers who are able to making fun or mocking novice motorists. But you should not, in any way, react to other drivers. This is especially true in traffic jams, where frequent accidents occur due to inexperienced drivers.

Drive slowly in narrow streets in courtyards, next to schools, kindergartens, or in places where children play nearby the road

Keep in mind that children can be inattentive, they may not notice you. Plus, do not forget that children are not aware of the dangers of vehicles. Your car is just a big toy for them. So always strictly keep the speed limit. Especially in the courtyards and residential areas. Also, since you are an inexperienced driver and may not have time to stop a car sharply in case of danger, it is better to move in such places at minimum speed.

You can listen to music in the car, but remember that it’s more important to hear what is happening on the road

Adjust the volume level so that you can hear what is happening on the street. So you will hear the signals of other cars and in case of danger in time hear the screech of the brakes. Sometimes, this allows you to get away from the car accident in time. Also, do not forget that loud music is very distracting, which will affect your insufficient attention.

Do not endanger yourself by trying to change lanes or clear the way for anyone traveling at high speed

Many novice drivers are afraid of fans of fast driving. Unfortunately, there are too many drivers like this. As a result, many beginners fall into a stupor when they see an approaching car playing checkers. At the same time, many people make a dangerous mistake, starting with fright to change the line or clear the way for a rushing car. But often, on the contrary, it results in an accident. The thing is that those who ride at high speed usually think out their maneuvers in advance. If you suddenly change lanes in front of such a car, you can provoke an accident. You may simply not be noticed.

Try not to drive alone for the first time

We know that many novice drivers, although afraid to drive alone for the first time, still prefer to do so without witnesses. The thing is that novice drivers are shy, embarrassed or simply ashamed to ride in the presence of experienced drivers. Especially newcomers do not like criticism, after which they begin to get nervous, making even more mistakes. But in reality, driving the first time alone is not a very good decision. Remember that in the early stages of your driving experience, it’s still better to ride with people who have driving experience at first. So you can get a lot of good tips that you might not have learned from a car instructor at a driving school. You will then recall such advice throughout your life.

Always slow down when approaching traffic lights and road intersections

If you are driving on a permitted traffic light when driving through an intersection, or driving on an empty road where there is no traffic light, always reduce your speed. If, for some reason, you can’t see the adjacent roads, in order to safely cross the intersection, in some situations, you better stop to make sure that no one is rushing from the side. Also, always be careful when driving through the intersection. According to statistics, most of the accidents just happen at intersections. Remember that if you strictly follow all traffic rules, this does not guarantee that other drivers follow traffic rules.

Rainy weather is as dangerous as well as speed

You should keep in mind as a multiplication table the rule that bad weather conditions on the road pose exactly the same danger as exceeding the established speed limit. For example, if you are driving in the rain, you must definitely reduce the speed and be extremely careful, as when driving on icy road. Keep in mind that even the permitted speed in bad weather can cause accidents.

Be sure to keep a safe distance

Non-observance of the distance between cars is probably the most common mistake of all drivers without exception, which leads to an accident. Moreover, such mistakes are made by both novice and more experienced drivers. The reason for such collisions is the banal non-observance of the distance and speed limit under certain weather conditions. Therefore, you must remember that the correct distance to the car in front is a guarantee of your safety and the safety of your passengers.

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