Dealing with Vehicle Breakdown

Dealing with Vehicle BreakdownIf you are planning a long trip in a car, consider all the nuances of the trip. There can happen many unpleasant surprises. Just imagine: you are on the road and you suffer a vehicle breakdown.

It is unpleasant and unsafe when your car breaks in the middle of a dense forest or a busy city highway. It provokes a cry of angry drivers, a ten-point traffic jam (the reason for which is your vehicle breakdown), and even a damaged bumper. But don’t panic: peacefully assess the traffic situation, try to understand what went wrong and whether you can solve the problem on your own.

Take care of the safety of passengers and road users

Obviously, if the car breaks in the middle of the road – it is very dangerous. The speeds on the busy highway are tremendous. To avoid an accident, be attentive to the signals that the car makes. The car is damaged if it knocks and rattles, smoke billows from the hood.

Inform all road users about any problems

If there are passengers in the car, drop them off the road, preferably behind a special safety fence to avoid collision with road maneuvers.

In order not to become the culprit of the blocked road and not to drag the car to the side of the road by hand, pull off the road as soon as possible and turn on the alarm signaling.

To do this, after changing lines as far to the right as possible, put the gear lever in neutral (to avoid steering lock) and roll the car onto the side of the road with the door open.

Set warning signs

Once you are safe, put up warning signs (they should be prudently stored in the trunk). If the car breaks down on a city highway, set it 15 meters from the car, and if trouble overtook you outside the city – at 30. Parking lights should be on at night.

Inspect the car

First, try to diagnose the breakdown yourself. If it is not very complicated, then, perhaps, it will be possible to eliminate it on our own – using gasoline (if it is over) or replacing the tire. The main thing is to have all the necessary tools at hand.

How to replace a tyre?

To change a tire yourself, you will need:

  • spare wheel;
  • jack;
  • balloon wrench;
  • large flat screwdriver.

Step-by-step instruction on how to replace tyres

  • Stop on a flat stretch of road, put the car on the “handbrake” and engage first gear.
  • Place wheel chocks firmly under the wheels that you will not be replacing. If they are not with you, pieces of brick or wedge-shaped logs may be used.
  • Use a large flat head screwdriver and unscrew the protective cap.
  • Roll up the spare wheel and place it in a position from which it is convenient to install it. Loosen all screws that secure the wheel: insert the wrench into the head of the bolt or wheel nuts and turn counterclockwise. If necessary, stand with your foot on the wheel wrench.
  • Begin to jack up the wheel. As soon as the wheel is slightly off the ground, loosen the bolts and remove it. Sometimes it turns out that it is not removed immediately. In this case, kick several points of the tire from different sides.
  • Now you can install the spare wheel: fix all the bolts with a wrench, only not completely at first. Then check the tightness. Lower the jack until the wheel makes contact with the ground, and using a wrench, tighten the bolts firmly in a clockwise, crisscross pattern. Remove the jack and reinstall the protective caps.

3 more main faults: what can be done?

If antifreeze leaks or the thermostat breaks
It is better to contact a car service for help. Make frequent stops as you get there.

If there is a problem with electricity
Everything is simple here. Broken alternator belt? We turn off all devices. Fuse or brake light blown? We borrow a similar one from another device.

If there is a problem with the transmission
If the clutch is broken, you can start the car in first gear.

Independent manipulations help out only temporarily, so be sure to go to the service station for specialists to see the car. This, of course, is a costly undertaking, but it would be strange to leave the car to the mercy of fate.

Also, use special telephone sets installed on toll roads just for such situations. With their help, you can report a vehicle breakdown and ask for help in fixing it.

It is likely that the technical service will be able to fix the breakdown on site. Otherwise, the car will be picked up by a tow truck. Therefore, when you call the technical service, try to describe the behavior of the car before the breakdown in as much detail as possible and name the possible, in your opinion, its reasons.

Contact technical services

If you do not understand how to fix the breakdown, you need to call the technicians or the evacuation service. Be sure to keep all the necessary numbers in paper and e-form so as not to be left alone in the event of a car breakdown.

Preventive measures

Let’s sum up how to avoid sudden car breakdowns. The car requires constant maintenance. If you like to save money on car maintenance, expect unforeseen problems. A sudden breakdown in the middle of the track can overtake even undamaged, carefully monitored cars. Therefore, in order to minimize road accidents, you need to regularly monitor the state of your car.

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