Dangers Mobile Phones Driving

Dangers Mobile Phones DrivingToday many people spend most of the day driving a car. When driving a car a person makes calls and thinks out plans. A mobile phone is an essential part of any comprehensive driver. When teaching driving, we hear hundreds of times that it is impossible to talk on the phone while driving because it can easily result in an accident, but we still do it, distracting from the driving.

Why is a mobile phone while driving dangerous?

As you know, when talking on a mobile phone, part of the driver’s attention is distracted, that is, as the instructors say, there is a certain element of abstraction. A person is talking on the phone, so his thoughts are handed in the other direction, and therefore, concentration weakens to some extent. Besides one hand is busy. If a difficult situation arises during a conversation on the road, where a quick reaction and the same quick maneuver are required, what to do in such a situation?

Most likely, a driver with a phone will not be able to react quickly, and the risk of an accident or emergency situation increases several times.

What the statistics say?

By the way, talking on the phone while driving is prohibited in many countries worldwide. However, statistics show that this ban does not reduce the number of accidents on the road caused by driving when talking on the phone.

A neat motorist will never be distracted by a mobile phone while driving. Such a driver would better stop to answer or call back later. But the reckless driver answers any calls, and without reducing the car’s speed.

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Talking on the phone, texting, using other devices while driving, experts call absent-minded driving, when a person, being distracted from the road, cannot always notice the danger in time, and besides, he can provoke such a situation.

Hands free set and a sense of confidence

Does a hands-free headset solve the problem? On the one hand, they are created in order to make life easier for a driver. But on the other hand, according to experts, using a wireless headset in a car creates a false sense of confidence in a person.

Talking on the phone, even if both hands are free, in any case, has the most negative effect on driving productivity and attention. So the efficiency of drivers who use hands-free driving is no different from the efficiency of motorists who hold a mobile phone in one hand.

On the contrary, without hands, free drivers, when talking, slow down or pull over to the side of the road more often, which, unfortunately, hands-free drivers do not do.

Research from one university shows that talking on a phone while driving increases the chance of an accident fourfold. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a wireless headset or a regular phone.

Sum up

From the above, we can conclude that the cause of many accidents lies not in cell phones. Drivers themselves are dangerous, talking on the phone while driving or being distracted by writing messages. Such drivers drive absentmindedly, endangering themselves and those around them.

So the best option for communicating on a cell phone is to talk in a quiet and calm atmosphere in a car that is parked on the roadside.

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The fine when using mobile phone while driving

Driving with the phone while driving is an administrative offense. The amount of the fine varies from state to state.

In Florida and specifically in Miami, the police are condescending to this violation as, by the way, too many other traffic violations.

But in New York, the policemen react toughly. For an initial violation, a fine from $ 50 to $ 200 is imposed. For the second time, the fine is increased up to $ 250, for the third time – up to $ 450.

In Miami, almost all drivers talk on the phone when driving. This is especially noticeable in traffic. You look at the drivers in the neighboring cars – everyone is staring at the phone, no one is looking at the road.

Florida is always among the leaders in the United States in terms of the number of accidents. This is not least thanks to the texting enthusiasts when driving the car.

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