Classic Coastal Areas UK

Coastal Areas UKNewport is located on the border of England and Wales and has a cozy pebble beach.

Eastbourne is an elegant seaside resort located on the banks of the English Channel. The beaches are sandy, well-groomed.

Brighton is a secular resort in the south of England. Municipal beaches are pebbly and sandy, their cleanliness is almost fanatically monitored.

Torbay – English Riviera

The history of Torbay goes back many thousands of years. Remains of Paleolithic settlements were found in caves in the vicinity of the city. Torbay became a resort during the Victorian era, with gorgeous gardens, elegant terraces and white villas.

Torbay is called the English Riviera. It includes the former cities of Torquay, Brixham and Paynton. The resort area consists of 20 comfortable beaches stretching along the coast for 35 km – from Torquay (formerly a separate resort, but now part of Torbay) to Brixham. The coast is distinguished by an enviable variety and provides discerning tourists with almost all options for recreation: sandy beaches, ruined fortresses, bird sanctuaries, golf courses, climbing cliffs, picturesque parks by the sea, fishing and sailing. Moreover, the English Riviera boasts real palm trees. The first trees were planted here in 1820, and today the sandy beaches are surrounded by literally thousands of classic southern plants. There are bars and restaurants with sea views throughout.

Torbay is crossed by two ancient canals, built over 200 years ago to transport goods to the sea. The canals themselves are historical sites, plus there are buildings along their banks that are included in international catalogs of historical and architectural monuments. Outside the city limits, along the canals, it is pleasant to walk or cycle. The roads are well-groomed, there are a lot of wild flowers, birds and small animals around. Torbay’s parks are also a national treasure of the Crown and offer hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails.

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