Car Scrap in the USA

The reason for the prevalence of scarp landfill in the United States is a huge number of cars in this country. So, if in 2008 in America there were about 250 million cars, in 2019 this figure increased by 30%.Car Scrap in the USA

What cars can be found in the dump piles of America?

In the United States, car dump piles are located on the outskirts of cities. Their territory is fenced, parking is equipped at the entrance, there is only one entrance and is strictly controlled. For ease of search, cars are grouped by manufacturers and inventoried – each car has a serial number, its model, and also the release year.

American car dumps are large-scale parking lots for broken cars, rusty metal, glass fragments, but there are exceptions. Car dumps in America often get cars in a more or less satisfactory condition. Many of them require a major recovery. But the majority arrived here on their own and needs only partial repairs.

At a car dump in America, cars come from two sources:

  • landfills buy them. The approximate cost of an old or broken car is $300.
  • they are transported by insurance companies.

In America, everyone has insurance. When the car gets into an accident or any other accident happens to it, the inspector of the insurance company assesses the damage and decides the further fate of the vehicle – repair or send it to a landfill.

If the insurance inspector puts a note in the documents “not repaired or restored”, insurance is paid to the vehicle owner and his car is sent to a landfill. Usually, damaged vehicles are written off in cases when the price of the necessary repairs reaches the cost of the auto itself.

Of course, a car can be repaired after an accident, in order to illegally sell it afterwards and replenish some of the money. But the work of auto repair shops in the United States is expensive, and such fraud is punished quite severely. That is why the game may not be worth the candle. It is much easier and cheaper to scrap a car.

Types of American auto landfill

All American car dumps are divided into two types:

  • full service. Everything is extremely simple here – the client comes and says what he needs. On such a showdown, there are databases. Therefore, the client is immediately told whether there is a necessary car. Search engines for similar services are even available on the Internet. In a word, convenient, but relatively expensive!
  • full self-service. No equippment, no database and any other help from staff. But cheap! After all, basically, the price list here is one for all cars! Why is self-service so cheap? The thing is that in America, used cars are cheap, human labor is expensive. Therefore, on full services, cars are 3 or even 4 times more expensive than on self-services.

The largest car dump in the USA

The world’s largest motor vehicle dump is Old Car City, which is located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. In the middle of the 20th century, a local businessman arranged a dump of American cars. In addition to modern models, rare cars, trucks, agricultural machinery and even old school buses are also collected here. No one knows how many of them are located here. Some vehicles are kept here for several decades, a similar collection is considered a real car cemetery. So the legendary Old Car City appeared, which occupies a plot of 14 hectares. After the death of a businessman, Old Car City was inherited by his son. Who decided to sell entrance tickets to everyone who wants to visit this place. Now, you need to pay $25 to study the local assortment of cars.

Another large-scale auto dump in the USA is the M&M. It looks more like a disassembly than a cemetery: Americans who need good parts often come here. The thing is that this is the repository of beaten vehicles IIHS – the Institute for Insurance of Road Traffic in the USA, where decommissioned vehicles are transported after accidents and crash tests. Many cars here look like a pile of metal, but there are also quite decent cars. This landfill is considered the best in the world where you can buy completely new spare parts and modern machines with minor damage.

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