How to Get a License in Britain, and How Much Does It Cost?

How to Get a License in Britain, and How Much Does It Cost

You can drive in the UK from the age of 17, but not only school graduates have to take the exam. A license brought from another country is only valid in the UK for a year after you move. Today, we explain how to apply for a UK driver’s license and how much it costs.

Theoretical test for obtaining a driving license in England

It consists of:

  • 50 multiple-choice questions; to pass, you must answer at least 43 questions correctly;
  • hazard perception: videos that simulate the situation on the road.

You can prepare for delivery using textbooks or the official application Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

You need to book the date of the test on the official website, it will cost you £23.

After taking this test, you have two years to take the practice part of the exam in England. If you do not have time to do this in two years, then you will have to hand over the theory again.

Practical test for obtaining a driving license in England

For an hour, you have to drive around the city with an instructor, performing various tasks:

  • Eyesight check;
  • General questions about car safety;
  • Driving through the streets;
  • Maneuvers;
  • Independent driving along the route given by the examiner.

Test reservations are available online and will cost you between £62 and £75.

Passing a driving license exam in the UK does not require taking any courses: you can prepare for it either with any acquaintance who has more than three years of driving experience or with a professional instructor who can be found in the database.

Before getting behind the wheel, you need to get a provisional driving license, which will cost you another £34.

It is recommended to complete at least 30 hours of practical training to pass the driving test in the UK.

All the details about obtaining rights can be found on the Gov.UK website.

After passing the exam

If you have passed the exam, then the instructor fills in all the papers, and the license is sent by mail after a couple of weeks.

After that, you can take additional lessons for advanced training: the pass plus course. They teach you how to drive on highways on which you are not allowed to drive until you get your license. This pass plus, firstly, gives you additional skills, and secondly, insurance will be a little cheaper if you have a pass plus certificate. By the way, insurance in the UK costs incredible money for beginners. Pass plus course costs between £150 and £200. Like IAM, Pass Plus should help you read the road ahead more effectively and lower the risk of an accident.

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