How Moving House Affects Your Car Insurance

How Moving House Affects Your Car Insurance

Changing the address affects vehicle documentation. The number of driver’s documents includes V.R.C., driver’s license, CTP policy, diagnostic card and a number of others. In order to understand which ones need to be changed, you just need to look at the text indicated on them. Those papers where your registration address is present and need to be updated. In this article, we will consider all such documents in 2020 and find out whether the V.R.C. needs to be changed when changing address, driver’s license, insurance, and others.

Do I really need to change it?

Yes. If you have moved or simply registered for a new address, then the most important and first thing that needs to be changed is your passport. It must receive a mark about the new address.

But the documents for the car will also have to be changed. The traffic police inspectors will look at it when checking your documents.

What car documents need to be changed?

So, as we mentioned above, these are the papers where the old address is indicated instead of the new address. These include:

  1. Vehicle registration certificate;
  2. The driver’s license formally also needs to be changed, but in practice, in most cases, this is not fraught with anything;
  3. Car insurance must be changed in the event that you have completely replaced the vehicle title or if you have changed your driver’s license.

Is there a fine?

Yes. In this case, if you do not make changes when moving home, you will be fined. The amount of the fine depends on the state.

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Can I drive with old data?

According to the law, of course, NO.

On the other hand, it is simply impossible for an ordinary traffic police inspector to see this violation on the road… This may happen, but in practice it happens extremely rarely.

The fact is that a traffic police inspector will be able to see the violation only by looking at the stamp of the new home address in your passport. But the driver has virtually no obligation to hand over his/her passport to an inspector for verification.

Do I need to update car insurance?

The insurance policy does not indicate the full address of a driver.

However, the insurance policy does indicate the driver’s license number. If you decide to move to a new home, then changes in the insurance must be made.

Therefore, if you decide not to change your driving license, then there is no need to make changes to the current car insurance. But this will be required if you have replaced the V.R.C – that is, you have run out of space and you have not just put a new mark in the document but have got a duplicate of it. The insurance indicates a car passport number.

Can I apply outside my place of residence?

Yes. It is not necessary to contact the traffic police department at the address of your current registration. This can be done at any branch of the traffic police, where it is convenient for you.

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