Motorway Driving Lessons: How to Drive A Car Safely

Motorway Driving Lessons How to Drive A Car Safely

Safe motorway driving is the most important task. For some drivers, trips to busy country motorways are a familiar thing, for others – a new adventure. Today, we are sharing some recommendations for safe driving on motorways.

This issue deserves special attention in view of the duration of such trips. Typically, a trip outside the city can last up to several hours, which can be stressful for beginners. It is no coincidence that the number of accidents on the motorways increases significantly in the summer. To ensure safe driving, you need to follow several rules (except for generally accepted traffic rules, of course).

12 motorway driving tips for new drivers to consider

  1. A long trip is always a risk, so you cannot drive when you are tired, upset or ill. As a rule, a person who feels sick uses drugs that can cause drowsiness. After using such drugs, it is better to stay at home. The biggest and unforgivable mistake: take medications, try to “wake up” the body with coffee or tea, and then go on the road. This can lead to unpredictable consequences, especially in the heat;
  2. Before a long trip, you need to sleep and rest. You should also refrain from traveling in bad weather and at night, especially for beginners;
  3. Before driving a long distance, you should check the condition of the car, tires and fuel. It is necessary to check the brakes and headlights. The car interior must be freed from unnecessary things that may impede its management. A pet during transportation should be placed in the back seat, in a container;
  4. In the city, you should carefully monitor traffic signals, and when leaving the city – road signs. Do not forget about using turn signals, even if it seems that no interference is being created for anyone. Use mirrors every 10 seconds for a clear and complete picture of what is happening on the road;
  5. Overtaking on the motorway is a risky maneuver, therefore, it cannot be done abruptly. Overtaking is carried out from your own lane, being at a distance from the overtaken vehicle. In general, observing a safe distance on a suburban motorway in most cases helps to avoid an accident. If some cars are traveling at high speeds, you should let them pass;
  6. During fog, rain or snowfall, you should keep to the right edge of the track since bad weather conditions distort the real dimensions of oncoming vehicles;
  7. In no case should you speak on the phone while driving – it distracts from driving. In extreme cases, you can turn on the right turn signal, stop and talk;
  8. To drive a car for a long time, it is necessary to take a comfortable posture and maintain a state of readiness of the body for all kinds of unpredictable movements;
  9. Speed limit signs on roads are designed for optimal driving conditions. This means that the speed should be reduced without interfering with other vehicles when driving in the dark, in conditions of poor visibility, at high traffic intensity. The flow rate is considered the safest;
  10. At intersections, the most dangerous turn is left. Passing oncoming traffic, the wheels should not be turned out since a probable unexpected blow from behind can throw the car into the oncoming lane, which is fraught with sad consequences. In addition, a car set obliquely takes up much more space, and this increases the likelihood of an accident;
  11. In mountainous areas, you should descend at the 4th or 5th speed, ascend at the 1st or 2nd. Braking should be carried out smoothly – this improves speed control and makes it possible to make the required maneuvers if necessary;
  12. Driving should be alternated with rest and stops. The calculation is simple: for a 2-hour ride, a 30-minute “halt” is required. Then the trip will be less stressful. You should definitely make a stop if you feel drowsy. You can sleep or take a walk, wash your face with cold water, breathe fresh air.

Thus, keeping a distance, avoiding sudden maneuvers and a direct collision into a ditch or to the side of the road, respecting other road users, taking into account the peculiarities of the road and being in a calm and adequate state are the factors of successful driving for drivers with any driving experience.

Spend a few minutes studying the motorway driving lessons for safe traffic on motorways. Thus, you can protect people’s lives, avoid damage to the health of all road users and other financial problems.

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