Car Check in England

check-carThe process of passing a vehicle upkeep operation in England is simplified as much as possible and therefore is perceived as an event equated “in complexity” to shopping, as well as dry cleaning.

The car owner almost always attends a vehicle upkeep operation once a year, as well as immediately after every 10,000 miles/16,000 km. No sticker on the windscreen reminds you that you need to go through it no later than the specified time, because of this there are those who are late with the check-up, but neither the police nor the law punish you for this.

As the due date approaches, the car owner himself or, as a reminder of his own car dealership, contacts the latter by phone and make an appointment for car delivery for the inspection. Practice shows that this phone conversation takes a maximum of two minutes.

On the appointed day, the car owner arrives at the station to which his car is “attached”, provides the employee who meets him at the entrance the reason for his appearance. In the office of the car dealership at the registration desk, he says his name or, registration number. The communication often comes to an end only when the car owner does not have any additional needs regarding the technical condition of his car. The overal inspection takes 3-6 hours.

Often, the car owner is informed about the estimated costs in advance. During the first 3 years, immediately after purchasing a brand new car, the standard technical operation fee is somewhere around £ 200 – 300 / $320 – $480 for a car of the average price level. As the car gets older, this car can double, or even triple. The car owner will find out the exact price of technical inspection, informing about additional technical problems found in his car, the elimination of which will most likely require additional costs. If the car owner agrees to carry out these works, they are included in the general list of services provided.

A vehicle upkind operation in England can be carried out in every nearest car service, and not only in the showroom where the car was purchased. If there are few orders in the car service, then the technical inspection can be passed without prior reservation of the date. In standard services, unlike, for example, those where the car was bought, 100% will not offer a car “for a change”, but if there are no important defects in the car, they will examine the car within 2-3 hours. In addition, the quality of technical inspection will be no less than in a corporate car dealership, and the cost will be comparable.

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