Car Reliability Survey

Car Reliability Survey

When you plan to buy a car, you first of all think about its reliability. This will allow operating the car without problems for many years. Reliability is a collective concept, which consisit of many criteria.

After all, there are frankly terrible and just bad cars that break down literally immediately after the purchase. Moreover, people know about this, but continue to buy them because they are attracted to low cost. But not always affordable price means low quality. To do this, we formed a small rating. Here we will consider the most reliable automakers, as well as individual models in different categories. The top was compiled on the basis of research by various leading analytical companies. The opinions of the car owners and their reviews as part of a special questionnaire were also taken into account.

What is car reliability?

First we should find out what car reliability is. Each year, analytics try to define the best cars based on several factsors. One of them is car reliability. The automaker’s inclusion in the top car rating significantly depends on this factor. Therefore, they are interested in making high-quality and trouble-free cars. The data are collected by 5 methods:

  • questionnaire for car owners;
  • research;
  • crash tests;
  • hardship tests;
  • monitoring during the car exploitation, etc.

The car reliability rating is based on the following parameters:

  • Operational reliability;
  • Durability;
  • Easy repair;
  • Operability.

The Top Ten Most Reliable Automakers

You will surely be surprised with this ranking, especially if you continue to believe in the dominance of German cars. The situation has changed. We will begin with the weakest representative of the top 10 and end with the strongest ones.


This German car opens our ranking. BMW has weakened its position, as over the years it has confidently lowered several steps down. BMW cars often break down, and to fix a number of problems, you have to deal with a very complex internal device.

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Statistics show that the owners of these cars car more often address car services. Their spare parts are very expesive. In 80% cases, you cannot make repairs on your own hands. What the brand used to be and what it is now is somewhat depressing true fans of the Bavarian auto concern.


The company has a reputation of an of inexpensive but reliable manufacturer. The new cars come with a better anti-corrosion coating, reduced oil consumption, made engines more durable. But these cars have problems. And they begin after 100 thousand run. They are not very serious, they can be eliminated. But the cost of repair can be unexpectedly high. There are still similar examples of shortcomings that did not allow Nissan to be above the 9th line of the rating.

KIA и Hyundai

These brands can be put in one row and awarded the same 8th place. Jumping above their head, the Koreans gradually fall again in the reliability rating. Their motors ceased to be a model of durability, overgrown with new problems and shortcomings. But KIA и Hyundai makers continue work hard on their shortcomings. They manage to get a lot out of a number of chronic problems. So far, their running gear cannot compete with the European models.


These Japanese cars are quite expensive to maintain. They simplified the design and lost some advantage over competitors. They deserve the 7th line of the rating.


Porsche has great car reliability. At present, indicators of durability and serviceability are far from the coveted positions. But the engineers continue to work hard. The most sports models cause some doubts. But the Panamera and Macan are not the issue. Thanks to these models, the company took 6th place in the top.


Japanese companies remain one of the most reliable automakers. Technical parameters have improved markedly, the suitability for repair has increased significantly. Subaru won its 5th place for the use of new alloys in the manufacture of engines. The degree of engine acceleration was also slightly reduced, which extended their service life with a minimum loss of power. Subary can boast of excellent dynamics, great turbines, good equipment and a durable housing.

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Audi has won the 4th position in this ranking due to its aluminum body. The carhas become more durable. The problem of corrosion has gone, but there are difficulties in expensive body repair.


The Japanese auto giant has always taken high positions. Worthy bronze. Their cost-effectiveness and maintenance should be praised. Toyota has taken a big step forward by producing more durable and wear-resistant automatic transmissions and robotic gearboxes. Their repair was simplified, they increased reliability and maintain high work efficiency.


This car won the silver. Do not be surprised that such high positions went to this car. Mazda has reaching the 2nd position in this top 10 mainly due to its advanced SkyActiv technology. The characteristic problems with electronics have disappeared, the efficiency and repair suitability of automatic transmissions have significantly increased. Now these are some of the best cars in the secondary market. Over time, they do not lose their reliability.


Lexus won the palm in 2018. These cars are very fashionable, powerful, high quality. According to the survey, Lexus has the best electronics, gearboxes, and motors. The high mileage problem no longer exists. New models do not have serious problems. Although car repair is quite expensive, Lexus owners rarely visit a car service with such problems. Its engines are reliable, the chassis are stable, and these factors make Lexus the most reliable car. Therefore, experts gave the well-deserved first place to Lexus.

Class Leaders

Compact cars

The leaders in this segments are as follows:

  • Honda Jazz (available in some markets under the name Fit);
  • Chevrolet Aveo, also known as Sonic;
  • Hyundai ix20;
  • Mazda 2.

These are inexpensive cars that have been able to prove their high quality and reliability. Compact premium cars of this class are also worth mentioning. Here the leaders are:

  • Audi A1;
  • Mini Hatch.

This is an option for those who are willing to spend a little more money on a small car.

Compact crossovers

The best compact crossovers are:

  • Mitsubishi ASX;
  • Dacia Duster;
  • Opel Mokka;
  • Buick Encore

In fact, Opel and Buick are identical cars. You can also safely add Renault Duster to Dacia.

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Class C cars

There was a stubborn struggle, as many organizations represented their segment leaders. But after a thorough analysis of the syrvey, it was possible to form 4 top positions. These cars can be considered the most reliable in 2018 according to criteria such as reliability, maintainability and durability:

  • Toyota Corolla;
  • Toyota Prius;
  • Mazda 3;
  • Mitsubishi Lancer

Please note that all the cars presented are products of the Japanese automobile industry. Class C has its own leaders among the premium segment. These include:

  • Audi A3;
  • BMW 1 Series;
  • Lexus CT200h;
  • Volvo C30.

Reliability Leaders D Class

The leading positions belong to:

  • Volkswagen Passat;
  • Toyota Avensis;
  • Opel Insignia;
  • Honda Accord;
  • Chevrolet Malibu.

This is a good selection of worthy representatives of Japanese, American and European brands. If you are interested in a higher price segment, then you can consider the most reliable premium-class cars in Class D:

  • Volvo S60;
  • Lexus IS;
  • Audi A4;
  • Audi A5;
  • Mercedes C-Class.

This is a well-deserved European leadership, which also includes Lexus.

Premium crossovers

Opinions varied among different organizations. But all of them necessarily put the following cars in the leading positions:

  • Lexus NX;
  • Mercedes GLK;
  • BMW X3;
  • Audi Q5.

These cars are expensive but they fully justify their value with excellent reliability indicators.

Passenger cars business segment

The following cars are considered the best:

  • Audi A6;
  • BMW 5-Series;
  • Lexus GS;
  • Lexus ES.

The double hit of the leader in reliability Lexus once again proves the ability of the Japanese automaker to produce really high-quality and trouble-free cars.

Premium crossovers and SUVs

We conclude our review with the brand of car that has earned a high rank in the most prestigious class. Since now cross-country cars and crossovers are at the peak of popularity, everyone wants to buy the best representative of this segment. The four leaders look natural:

  • Audi Q7;
  • BMW X5;
  • Mercedes ML;
  • Lexus RX.

Again, the top could not do without Lexus.

As you can see, the results of recent years have changed significantly with the position of forces that was observed in the late 90s and early 2000s. Leaders have changed, and they are clearly not going to give up their positions. It is hard to say what the former most reliable automakers will do. They have to do a great job to get ahead of the current leaders. In the meantime, the situation on the market of the most reliable cars and automakers looks like this.

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