New Car Checklist

New Car ChecklistBefore new car checking:

  • Before starting the car inspection, you need to ask how much and when the pre-sale preparation was carried out.
  • The corresponding entry must be left in the service book, with the date of the event, who carried out the car checklist.


  • Vehicle Certificate of Title (auto dealers check the correctness of filling it out, as well as we carry out a reconciliation of numbered units).
  • Purchase/sale agreement, payment bills.
  • Filled out vehicle log book.
  • insurance when buying a new car.
  • User manual.

External inspection of the car (must be carried out in a well-lit room or outdoors during daylight hours):

  • Paintwork (the machine must be extremely clean – only in this case all chips and scratches will be visible).
  • Checking body parts: a complete visual inspection without opening the doors, hood and trunk. Step aside, inspect the body from different angles for dents; all doorways must be straight; the doors must not protrude beyond the body; evaluate the evenness of the mating lines of the hood and trunk; check all the plastic in a circle (inspection of bumpers, body kit – there should be no chips, cracks and breaks); front and rear optics should not have cracks and chips and should stand without distortions; check the reliability of opening all 3 (5) doors, the hood, pay special attention to the edges of the doors, hood, trunk for chips, the state of the black film.; separately inspect the rubber bands of the door seal; we inspect the windshield, door glass and the rear window for scuffs and cracks; checking the presence of plugs (headlights, lanterns and others visible to the eye).
  • Other: it is inspected the rims for scuffs and dents; look at the rubber – also for wear, check the tire pressure; we inspect the wipers for wear, turn on the wipers, coupled with watering.
  • Inspection of the engine compartment: the presence of leaks in the engine compartment and again for leaks; engine oil level; oil level in automatic transmission; washer fluid level; coolant level; brake fluid level.
  • Car interior: longitudinal movement of the driver’s seat, backrest tilt, head restraints; steering wheel – reach, vertical adjustment; multifunctional display; passenger seat – longitudinal adjustment, backrest tilt, head restraints; the entire dashboard – a close inspection, turn on only the ignition, dimming; inspect the door trim; mileage; check the folding of the rear seats and their locking separately; check the functionality of all seat belts; sun visor, working capacity; eyeglass case – smooth opening, without jamming; salon lighting; electric adjustment of mirrors from the inside, folding mirrors; ask and check where is the isofix mount and how to use it?; we check all the windows from the driver’s door – they must reach the bottom without jamming; we check the blocking of opening the glasses; from each door we check each window regulator; checking the indication of open doors; if possible, check the heating of the windshield and mirrors, seats; spare wheel, wheel wrench and tool kit; jack; towing hook.
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Start the engine:

  • Checking lighting devices by switching on.
  • Emergency signal: low beam; dimensions; high beam; reverse; turn signals; fog lights (if available); stop signals; the operation of the radio, try your CD, tune in an FM station, check the signal.


  • How it warmed up to check the stove operation, blow through the interior in all ventilation modes – without air conditioning;
  • turn on the air conditioner, check for cold air in MAX mode;
  • turn on air recirculation in the passenger compartment and check the air pressure from the nozzles. Should blow a little harder than when taking in from the outside;
  • when installing special stages, ask as many questions as possible, such as – where is the alarm control unit located, how to enter VALET and others into service.

Test drive, in the passenger seat:

  • without the roar of the engine, without music to hear creaks if such is present;
  • get adding gasoline, so that there is enough to fill it up.

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