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What to Do if You Can’t Pay for Your Car Insurance in IL

You need to pay for your car insurance and get your vehicle to work, but you can hardly pay for your food and utilities. So what can you do in this case? Do not be upset – we will suggest several options. How to Afford Your Car Insurance Payments in Illinois Car insurance payments often…

Vehicle Maintenance – How Much To Pay For A Private Car?

In the United States, it is customary to buy a car in installments. Therefore, the main and most significant expense item for an American car owner is monthly loan payments to the bank. The US Department of Transportation estimates that a passenger car costs an American $ 7,200 a year on average. True, almost $4,000…

What’s the Two-Second Rule in Driving?

Very often, drivers make gross mistakes when driving. The consequence of such neglect can be an accident. But any traffic accident can be avoided if you follow simple rules. One of such rules is the two-second rule. Safe distance When driving a car, it is very important that no one is pressed against the back,…

How to Get a License in Britain, and How Much Does It Cost?

You can drive in the UK from the age of 17, but not only school graduates have to take the exam. A license brought from another country is only valid in the UK for a year after you move. Today, we explain how to apply for a UK driver’s license and how much it costs….

Motorway Driving Lessons: How to Drive A Car Safely

Safe motorway driving is the most important task. For some drivers, trips to busy country motorways are a familiar thing, for others – a new adventure. Today, we are sharing some recommendations for safe driving on motorways. This issue deserves special attention in view of the duration of such trips. Typically, a trip outside the…

Speed Cameras: Things You Need to Know

A traffic safety camera is a system that includes a camera and a device that automatically detects violations of traffic rules, for example, the vehicle exceeding the speed limit for a given section. There are various implementation options, depending on the types of violations recorded. Types of speed cameras

Potential Indicators of Insurance Fraud

There are several levels of identifying insurance fraud. One of them is the stage of concluding an insurance contract. At this stage the first contact of professional fraudsters with employees of the insurance company takes place. Recognizing fraudsters at this stage is complicated by a number of reasons: the first contact occurs with an insurance…

Buying Fake No Claim Bonus: Risks and Consequences

No claim bonus (NCB) is an indicator of accident-free driving, which is calculated for each driver based on data on insurance payments for accidents that happened through his/her fault. It reflects the risk of an insured event and affects the cost of the insurance policy. The longer you drive without accidents, the lower the NCB….

The Fight Against “Car Tax Dodgers”

US law distinguishes between the terms “car tax avoidance” and “car tax evasion”. Avoidance is an attempt by the taxpayer to evade tax obligations without breaking the law. He or she often uses gaps in the Internal Revenue Code or income tax provisions. By contrast, car tax evasion is illegal. Car tax quotes and car…

Buying Hand Cars: Consumer Rights

To buy a second-hand car in the USA, you can go to dealers, you just need to type “used vehicles” in the search and your location and Google will give you a whole list of dealers who are ready to sell a second-hand car immediately. However, buying a car from a private seller is cheaper….