Windscreen Repair or Replacement

Windscreen Repair or ReplacementFamiliar situation: you are calmly driving a car, suddenly, a stone flew into the auto glass. People who have already encountered a similar problem know that in this situation, it is necessary to seal the chip on the outside of the windscreen with transparent tape as soon as possible, or with any available material (any sticker can be used) to prevent dirt and water particles from entering the resulting crack. The first stage is completed, now you need to call the master and deliver the damaged car as accurately as possible to the place of repair with windscreen chip. After inspecting the damage, the most effective repair method will be selected.

Usually, the repair of auto chips is as follows. The damaged area is drilled. After cleaning from pieces of glass, a polymer is fed into the drilled funnel under pressure, which is similar in transparency and composition to the material from which glass is made. The polymer has great fluidity in order to fill all cavities and cracks. After filling has performed, the achieved result is fixed with a thick sealing polymer. The windscreen is polished and wiped.

The main stages of windscreen replacement:

  • dismantling of old windscreen;
  • cleaning and anti-corrosion treatment of the seat;
  • installation of new windowscreen.

Is the chip site noticeable after repairing car windscreen?

The purpose of chip sealing is to restore the strength of the glass, not its transparency. When repairing a chip, it is filled with polymer, which has a refractive index like glass, so it becomes practically invisible. Such work prevents further destruction of glass, preserves the strength of the glass. The probability of further destruction is reduced by 80%.

Is repair glass done if it is cracked?

Yes, it is. Repairing windscreen cracks is technologically different from the process of repairing chips. First, the craftsmen determine the boundaries of the crack, then drill along its edges. The crack is cleaned and dried, then polymer is driven into it, heated for better filling and dried under a UV lamp. Then remove the excess polymer with a blade. The technology used to repair windscreen has been successfully used for many years. In addition, financially, repairing damaged windscreen glass is much more profitable than buying a new one.

What to do after a cracked windscreen?

Even if a small chip appears on the windscreen, just a few centimeters from the edge of the glass, very soon you are guaranteed to get a more significant crack, so it is better not to delay the repair. Old cracks cannot be repaired. First of all, you should seal the crack in the glass with tape. It is advisable to have scotch tape in the car, and if not, then, if possible, do not start moving until the glass is sealed.

Cracked car windows need to be sealed for two reasons: this, firstly, will prevent further crack development, and, secondly, it will protect against dust and moisture from entering the crack cavity.If dust or moisture gets into the crack, then the car windows may no longer be repairable, or it will be much more difficult. Unfortunately, in some situations, it is not possible to remove dust and dirt from the cracks.

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