Bob Dole’s Car Collection: Make, Models, and Stories Behind His Cars

What cars does Bob Dole own?

Bob Dole, the renowned politician and public figure, boasts an impressive collection of cars. Let’s take a closer look at some of the vehicles owned by this prominent personality:

1. Cadillac DTS (Make: Cadillac, Model: DTS, Year: 2006)

One of the cars in Bob Dole’s collection is a 2006 Cadillac DTS. This luxury sedan is known for its sleek design, comfortable interior, and powerful performance. The Cadillac DTS is equipped with various features, including a navigation system, leather upholstery, and a premium sound system. This car holds sentimental value for Bob Dole, as it was a gift from a close friend on his 80th birthday.

2. Corvette Stingray (Make: Chevrolet, Model: Corvette Stingray, Year: 1967)

Another notable car owned by Bob Dole is a classic 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. This iconic sports car is a symbol of American automotive history. With its distinctive design and powerful V8 engine, the Corvette Stingray delivers an exhilarating driving experience. Bob Dole’s Corvette Stingray has been meticulously restored to its original condition, making it a prized possession in his collection.

3. Ford Mustang GT (Make: Ford, Model: Mustang GT, Year: 2015)

The Ford Mustang GT is a recent addition to Bob Dole’s car collection. This modern muscle car combines retro styling with cutting-edge technology. With its powerful V8 engine and aggressive looks, the Mustang GT offers an exciting driving experience. Bob Dole has made some modifications to his Mustang GT, including upgrading the exhaust system and adding custom wheels, enhancing its performance and appearance.

4. Rolls-Royce Phantom (Make: Rolls-Royce, Model: Phantom, Year: 2019)

One of the most luxurious cars in Bob Dole’s collection is the Rolls-Royce Phantom. This prestigious vehicle is renowned for its opulence, craftsmanship, and advanced features. The Phantom offers unparalleled comfort, with its sumptuous leather seats and a spacious cabin. Bob Dole’s Rolls-Royce Phantom is a special edition model, featuring bespoke customizations and exclusive trim finishes.

Bob Dole’s car collection showcases his diverse taste in automobiles, ranging from classic American muscle cars to luxurious and high-performance vehicles. Each car holds a unique significance and adds to the allure of his collection.

Bob Dole’s Car Collection
Car Make Model Year
1 Cadillac DTS Cadillac DTS 2006
2 Corvette Stingray Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 1967
3 Ford Mustang GT Ford Mustang GT 2015
4 Rolls-Royce Phantom Rolls-Royce Phantom 2019

In addition to these cars, Bob Dole has other vehicles in his collection, each with its own unique story and significance. Stay tuned for more insights into the fascinating world of Bob Dole’s car collection!

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Bob Dole’s First Car

Bob Dole’s first car holds a special place in his heart, as it marked the beginning of his lifelong fascination with automobiles. The car in question was a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, a classic American car known for its sleek design and powerful engine.
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Bel Air
Year: 1957
This iconic vehicle, painted in a vibrant turquoise color, was the epitome of style and elegance during its time. It featured signature tailfins, chrome accents, and a spacious interior that exuded luxury.
One of the unique modifications made to Bob Dole’s Chevrolet Bel Air was the addition of a custom exhaust system, which enhanced the car’s engine performance and emitted a distinct rumble as he drove down the streets of his hometown.
Bob Dole has fond memories of his first car, as it provided him with newfound independence and a sense of freedom. It allowed him to explore his surroundings, visit friends in neighboring towns, and embark on memorable road trips.
During his high school years, Bob Dole often took his friends for joyrides in his beloved Chevrolet Bel Air. The car became a symbol of his popularity and a conversation starter among his peers.
Bob Dole’s first car also played a significant role in his courtship with his future wife, Elizabeth. They went on many dates in this car, creating cherished memories that would last a lifetime.
The 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air holds a special place in Bob Dole’s heart, not only because it was his first car but also because it represents a time of youthful exuberance and the beginning of his love affair with automobiles.
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Bob Dole’s Favorite Car

Bob Dole’s favorite car is the 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. This classic American muscle car holds a special place in his heart due to its timeless design, powerful performance, and sentimental value.

The 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is a two-seater sports car that features a sleek and aerodynamic body, iconic pop-up headlights, and a powerful V8 engine. Bob Dole’s Stingray is finished in a stunning red color, which adds to its appeal and turns heads wherever it goes.

One of the main reasons why Bob Dole considers this car his favorite is its exceptional performance. The Stingray is known for its speed, agility, and thrilling driving experience. Its V8 engine produces an impressive amount of horsepower, allowing it to accelerate quickly and reach high speeds effortlessly. Whether cruising on the open road or taking it for a spin on the racetrack, Bob Dole finds pure joy and excitement behind the wheel of his beloved Corvette Stingray.

In addition to its performance attributes, the 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray holds sentimental value for Bob Dole. It reminds him of his younger years and represents a time of excitement, freedom, and adventure. This car brings back fond memories of road trips, long drives with friends, and memorable journeys across the country.

One notable event where Bob Dole’s Corvette Stingray played a significant role was during a charity car show. Bob Dole showcased his beloved car, attracting attention from car enthusiasts and admirers alike. He passionately shared the history and features of his Stingray, discussing its significance and the joy it brought him throughout the years.

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Bob Dole’s love for his favorite car is evident in the meticulous care and maintenance he provides. He ensures that the Corvette Stingray is always in its best condition, preserving its original features and charm. This dedication further demonstrates his deep appreciation for this iconic piece of automotive history.

When it comes to Bob Dole’s favorite car, the 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray holds a special place in his heart due to its stunning design, exceptional performance, and the cherished moments it represents. As a true car enthusiast, Bob Dole’s love for this classic American muscle car is unwavering.

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Bob Dole’s Most Expensive Car

One of the standout cars in Bob Dole’s impressive collection is his most expensive car. This prized possession is a 1967 Ford GT40, a legendary sports car known for its performance and iconic design.

The 1967 Ford GT40 is a rare and highly coveted car, with only a limited number of them ever produced. The estimated value of Bob Dole’s GT40 is a staggering $10 million, making it a true collector’s item.

What sets Bob Dole’s GT40 apart from others is its unique features and modifications. The car has been meticulously restored to its original specifications, ensuring its authenticity and historical significance. The GT40 features the classic Gulf racing livery, with the iconic blue and orange paint scheme that is instantly recognizable.

This car holds great sentimental value for Bob Dole, as it represents a time of triumph and achievement. The 1967 Ford GT40 was the car that secured victory for Ford at the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race, beating out Ferrari and solidifying Ford’s dominance in motorsports.

Bob Dole’s GT40 has also been featured in several prestigious car shows and exhibitions, where it continues to captivate and impress enthusiasts from around the world. This car is a true symbol of success and excellence.

Bob Dole’s 1967 Ford GT40 Specs:
Make Model Year Estimated Value
Ford GT40 1967 $10,000,000

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Insurance costs for Bob Dole’s cars

When it comes to insuring his impressive collection of cars, Bob Dole can expect to pay a significant amount due to several factors that influence insurance costs.

Determining insurance rates

Insurance rates for Bob Dole’s cars are determined by various factors, including the make, model, age, and value of the vehicles. Generally, luxury and high-performance cars tend to have higher insurance costs compared to more economical models. Bob Dole’s collection, consisting of high-end vehicles, may result in higher premiums.

Additionally, insurance providers take into account Bob Dole’s driving record. If he has a history of accidents or traffic violations, it could lead to increased insurance costs. On the other hand, a clean driving record may qualify him for lower premiums and potential discounts.

Location is another crucial factor in insurance costs. Rates can vary based on where the cars are parked or primarily driven. Areas with higher crime rates or higher frequency of accidents could lead to higher insurance premiums. Bob Dole’s insurance costs may be influenced by the location of his vehicles.

Potential discounts and savings

While the insurance costs for Bob Dole’s cars may be higher due to the factors mentioned above, there are also potential discounts and savings he may be eligible for.

Insurance providers often offer discounts for features that enhance safety, such as anti-theft devices, advanced driver assistance systems, and parking sensors. If Bob Dole’s cars have these features installed, he could potentially receive discounts on his insurance premiums.

Another potential source of savings is bundling insurance policies. If Bob Dole insures multiple cars with the same provider or combines his car insurance with other types of insurance, such as home or umbrella insurance, he may qualify for discounts.

Importance of comprehensive coverage

Given the value of Bob Dole’s cars, it is essential to consider comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage protects against damages not caused by accidents, such as theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. This type of coverage is particularly crucial for high-value vehicles, as repair and replacement costs can be substantial.

Bob Dole should carefully review the terms and extent of coverage provided by different insurance providers to ensure his valuable cars are adequately protected.


Insuring Bob Dole’s collection of cars can be an expensive endeavor due to the high-value and luxury nature of the vehicles. Nevertheless, by considering factors like the make, model, age, and value of the cars, as well as utilizing potential discounts and savings, Bob Dole can find suitable insurance coverage that provides adequate protection for his prized possessions.

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