Billy Joel’s Car Collection: From Porsches to Cadillacs, What Cars Does the Music Icon Own?

What cars does Billy Joel own?

Billy Joel is known to be an avid car collector and owns a diverse range of vehicles. Some of the cars he has been spotted with include:

  • Porsche 911 Turbo
  • Lexus LS 600hL
  • Range Rover
  • Vintage Ford Model A

These cars showcase Billy Joel’s varied taste and appreciation for both luxury and classic car models.

“Billy Joel’s First Car: A Vintage Volkswagen Beetle”

Billy Joel, the legendary singer-songwriter and car enthusiast, is known for his impressive car collection that includes a variety of classic and luxury vehicles. While there is limited information available about his earliest automotive ventures, it is believed that his first car was a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle.

The Volkswagen Beetle, also known as the “Bug,” has long been a symbol of affordable and stylish transportation. Produced from 1938 to 2003, this iconic car gained widespread popularity and became a favorite among young drivers during the 1960s and 1970s. With its distinctive design and reliable performance, the Beetle remains an enduring symbol of automotive history.

Billy Joel’s choice of a Volkswagen Beetle as his first car reflects his appreciation for classic and timeless vehicles. The Beetle’s affordability and widespread availability during that time made it a popular choice for many young drivers, and its nostalgic appeal continues to resonate with car enthusiasts today.

As an experienced car collector, Billy Joel’s passion for cars extends beyond his first Beetle. He has built an extensive collection that includes various classics, modern luxury cars, and even high-performance sports cars. With each vehicle possessing its own unique history and charm, Billy Joel’s car collection serves as a testament to his love for automobiles.

“The Beetle’s timeless design and affordable price tag made it a popular choice for many young drivers, including Billy Joel, who began his automotive journey with this iconic car.”

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Billy Joel’s Favorite Car: The Porsche 911

Billy Joel, the legendary musician and car enthusiast, has an impressive collection of vehicles. One of his all-time favorite cars is the iconic Porsche 911. Known for its performance, handling, and timeless design, the Porsche 911 has been a symbol of luxury and driving pleasure since its introduction in 1963.

The Porsche 911, a favorite car of Billy Joel. (Source:

Billy Joel has been seen driving different generations of the Porsche 911, showcasing his love for the brand. From classic models to more modern versions, he appreciates the performance and unique driving experience that the Porsche 911 offers.

The Porsche 911 is renowned for its powerful engines, precise handling, and aerodynamic design. Its iconic silhouette and rear-engine layout have become synonymous with the Porsche brand and have inspired countless other sports cars.

“The Porsche 911 is like a timeless piece of art. It’s pure driving pleasure and an embodiment of automotive excellence.” – Billy Joel

Key Features of the Porsche 911
Powerful engines
Precision handling
Aerodynamic design ✈️
Iconic silhouette
Rear-engine layout

With its exhilarating performance and timeless design, it’s no wonder that the Porsche 911 is one of Billy Joel’s favorite cars. From the exhilaration of accelerating on a straightaway to the precision of taking corners, the Porsche 911 offers a driving experience unlike any other.

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Whether it’s the nostalgic charm of a classic Porsche 911 or the cutting-edge technology of the latest model, Billy Joel’s appreciation for this iconic sports car is evident. The Porsche 911 embodies the thrill of the open road, the pursuit of perfection, and the joy of being behind the wheel.

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Billy Joel’s Most Expensive Car: The 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

One of the most prized and valuable cars in Billy Joel’s collection is the 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz. This classic car is an iconic symbol of American luxury and automotive history.

The 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz is renowned for its distinctive and extravagant styling, featuring large tailfins and plenty of chrome accents. Its luxurious features and rarity contribute to its high value and desirability among car collectors.

This vintage Cadillac model was part of the iconic range of Eldorado convertibles that were produced from the late 1950s to the early 1960s. It was a symbol of prosperity and opulence during its time, representing the epitome of luxury in American automobiles.

The 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz is equipped with a V8 engine that provides ample power and performance. Its spacious interior is adorned with high-quality materials, providing a comfortable and luxurious driving experience.

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Billy Joel’s car insurance costs

Given the high value and unique nature of some of the cars in Billy Joel’s collection, insurance costs for these vehicles can be quite high. Factors such as the age, make and model, and condition of the cars will influence the overall insurance costs.

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However, for more common vehicles like the Volkswagen Beetle or Range Rover, insurance costs may be more affordable. These types of cars are typically less expensive to insure due to their wider availability of parts and lower repair costs. Billy Joel’s insurance rates for these vehicles might be more competitive compared to high-risk drivers since he is an experienced and responsible driver.

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