What are Cherished Plates?

Cherished Plates

In addition to the modern type of number plates in England, old ones are still in use. They had other variants of alphabetic and digital pre-fixes, carrying information about the date and place of issue, but the most interesting and valuable are the cherished plates that were given before 1963. They did not yet contain the obligatory information about the date of issue – which means that such a plate can be placed on a car of any year of release.

And the second unique advantage is that cherished plates consisted of two blocks, each of which could contain from 1 to 3 characters: that is, the unique “F 1” or “5 FO” hails from those distant times. By the way, the number “5 FO” can be bought right now for only 32 thousand pounds, and there is also “I FO” for 99,999 pounds in the assortment available for sale.

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