No loss of No Claims Discount
if hit by an uninsured driver

Protecting your insurance premiums,
saving you money

UK accident call centre open 24/7

There when you need us

Giving you control
over your insurance

Helping you save time

Your Van Insurance documents

Available 24/7

Replacement Vehicle Keep on motoring for up to 21 days

We rely on our van to get to work every day and keep our belongings safe. Until it’s taken away we don’t realise how much we depend on it. If in the unfortunate event you are involved in an accident and your van is badly damaged, or stolen – what would you do?

With Octagon’s Replacement Vehicle Policy, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle for up to 14 or 21 days in the event of an accident (whether it was your fault or not), where your van is damaged beyond repair, or your van is stolen and not recovered. You choose the level of cover you want.

For details see our 14 days Replacement Vehicle Cover

For details see our 21 days Replacement Vehicle Cover

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