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Introducing the Octagon Insurance Claims App

Octagon Insurance understands that being involved in a road traffic incident can be a distressing experience, making it difficult for you to think clearly about what information you may need to collect in order to submit a claim. That’s why Octagon has developed an app to help you in such a situation.

The Octagon Insurance Claims App allows you to collect location data, such as GPS coordinates and street names. If a third party was involved or any witnesses are available, then their details can be recorded, plus there is space for additional notes such as the recording of any distinguishing features like a tattoo.

There is a guide to taking photos of your vehicle, other vehicles, plus you can photograph the scene of the accident too. All of this information can then be sent from your phone directly to our claims office. The great thing is that unlike other Apps you don’t have to be within network range for the App to work, as the information can be stored on your phone until you are back in network range.

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Benefits of the Octagon Insurance Claims App are:

Download the iPhone app here

Got an Android phone? Download the app here

For more information on what to do in the event of an accident please click here

What you can expect to see when you open the Claims App

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