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Protect your van with added security

The humble van is the lifeblood of many small businesses, providing essential transport for workers and tools, products and equipment. In fact it is this rich range of uses that make vans such a common target for thieves.

So how do you go about protecting your van, to keep your tools safe and your van insurance premiums down?

Don’t rely on standard van security

Modern vans may come with a high level of security as standard, but naturally, since this is standard, the experienced thief will have figured out long ago how to get around it. To be sure of complete security, you will need to upgrade the security of your van with additional measures. The mere presence of these measures will often be enough to deter thieves, encouraging them to move on to an easier target. Even if they are more persistent, the additional security should still protect your van.

What kind of additional van security is a good idea?

You should always make sure that alarms and trackers are Thatcham approved to be sure of the best quality.

Empty your van at night

Of course, the best way to avoid having your tools stolen from your van is to not leave them in there in the first place. It may take a little longer to empty your van at the end of each day, but that is nothing compared to the time and trouble involved in replacing your tools, equipment and products.

A clearly empty van, or one marked as being empty with prominent stickers, is unlikely to be such an enticing a target for thieves.

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