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Van modifications and your van insurance policy

Modifications made to a vehicle that alters its value or performance is common place. Fitting a new stereo, getting a re-spray at your local garage or adding a fender – that’s just your business, isn’t it?

Surprisingly, the answer is ‘no’ in all three cases – every one of these modifications to your van should be reported to your insurance company. Strictly speaking, making any modification to your van without informing your insurance company makes your policy invalid and could result in your claim not being paid if you have an accident. Mostly through a lack of awareness, thousands of people are running this risk by driving their vans, not realising their van insurance policy may not pay out.

What modifications should you report to your insurer?

At Octagon Insurance, we need to know about any changes you make to your van that are not to the original factory specification. This includes anything that increases the value of your van, from a new stereo to alloy wheels. Historically, insurers will increase your premium if you increase the value of your vehicle. However, sophistication in pricing & underwriting proves that this age old belief is incorrect.

Don’t forget, some modifications that increase the value of your van may actually decrease your van insurance premium. For example, fitting a Thatcham approved vehicle security system or an engine immobiliser can make your van less of a risk for van insurance companies, even though its value has increased because of the added security.

Even cosmetic changes count

Some people think that purely cosmetic changes will not affect your van insurance premium, but this is not the case. Style features, such as smoked glass windows or a professional paint job, may increase the value of your van, and your premium with it.

Even adding business signage can affect your van insurance cover price, so it is important to let us know. You may not think that it changes your van, but if you are advertising a business that uses tools, or which carries expensive stock, van signage can make you more of a target for thieves, and increase the risk on your policy.

Tell us everything

The best way to be sure that your van insurance cover is valid and current is to inform your van insurer of any changes you make to your van. That way they can decide which changes are relevant, and which can be ignored. If you try and second guess which changes they need to know, you will always run the risk of getting it wrong and leaving yourself without cover in the event of an accident or vehicle theft.

At Octagon Insurance, our friendly team is always available to help and advise you, to ensure that you get the very best from your van and your van insurance policy. Why not get a van insurance quote today?

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