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Fun uses of the humble Van

Vans come in all shapes and sizes from the Citroen Berlingo (the Postman Pat looking van) to the iconic Ford Transit, they are the modern workhorses for business. These vans pop up everywhere full of building materials, plumbing supplies and the tools and equipment of countless other trades. Vans are also the backbone of the home delivery industry, from online grocery shopping to the countless millions of eBay and Amazon parcels we enjoy every week.

But a van doesn’t have to be only for work – it can be just as useful when it comes to playtime too. The van is so flexible and easy to handle, that people up and down the country are using it for all kinds of fun.

Get in tune with your van

The van is the perfect bandwagon if you’ve ever thought of getting a few mates together and playing some gigs. With a van you can get the whole band in, drums and all, and get to the gig in one go, instead of traipsing back and forth with instruments crammed in the boot of your car. And of course, if you’d rather watch bands than play in one, then the Van is ideal for festivals. Simply sling a mattress in the back, along with a few home comforts, and you’ve got the perfect festival accommodation. It’s watertight, warm and secure, and you can simply drive away at the end without having to pack everything into your car!

Homemade business ventures

Another fun way to use a Van is to turn your hobby into a weekend business and earn some extra cash. Whatever you are interested in or collect, there will be fairs and markets around the country where you can buy and sell your stuff. Whether it’s a local market stall where you sell your homemade cakes, or a specialist circuit where you buy and sell rare books, with a Van you can get yourself and all your gear to exactly where you need to be with ease.

Stroll into action

Vans also make excellent support vehicles for rambling or cycling holidays, carrying everything from luggage to spare wheels, to minimise the load on the people taking part. It will make the trip so much easier and more fun if the team know that help is never far away. It’s also great to know that your bags will be ready and waiting for you at the end of the day without having to carry their weight all day long.

Surfs Up

Due to the large amount of space a van provides, they are perfect for those keen on water sports. Not only do you have lots of space to transport all that gear but you’ll always have somewhere to get changed or shelter from the weather.

Whatever your interests, the humble Van can help make life more fun, and with affordable van insurance through Octagon, it’s a cheaper option than you think.

Ensure your van insurance covers you for all the activities you’d need it for from business to social.

And if you do use your van primarily for work why not purchase Tools in Transit cover to protect your tools should they get stolen from your van.

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