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Telematics – Cut the Cost of Your Car Insurance

One of the biggest problems with the way that car insurance is calculated that careful drivers inevitably end up paying more to cover the cost of bad drivers. This is especially true for young and inexperienced drivers, who tend to get lumped together as a high risk group by car insurance companies. Of course, not all young drivers drive the same way, but it can be difficult to differentiate between them without watching each driver individually.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what telematics aims to do, giving you, as an individual driver, the opportunity to prove that you are safe and low risk. You could get a much lower and fairer car insurance quote as a result.

Black Box Recorders that reduce car insurance premiums

Telematics uses a black box recorder to monitor driving style, much like the black box flight recorders on aircraft (except that the car ones are actually black, not an easy to find bright orange like the aircraft version). The recorder is about the size of a pack of cards, and can be fitted unobtrusively almost anywhere on your vehicle.

The box uses the GPS satellite network to record the key factors of your driving style, including speed, the smoothness of your acceleration and the harshness of your braking.

If you drive carefully and sensibly, as recorded by the device, then you are rewarded with a lower insurance premium. If you speed around and drive erratically, then your premium will go up. Telematics can also be used to monitor the time of day that you drive, cutting the cost of car insurance cover if you avoid the peak crash times, such as rush hour and late at night.

Other Benefits of Telematics

As well as helping young and inexperienced drivers to reduce their car insurance quotes, telematics also provides other benefits too. Because the box is linked to the GPS system, and can locate your car at any time, telematics can track your vehicle if it is stolen, leading to a rapid recovery by the police.

Telematics can also be used by parents to check how safely their teenage children are driving the family car. Many telematics systems provide online access to the data gathered, so it is possible to see exactly how a vehicle has been driven, even if you were not in it at the time.

Big Brother is watching

For the average driver, telematics might feel like an unnecessary intrusion as most would not like the idea that our driving style was being watched and judged.

However, if you are keen to prove that you do not drive like the average new driver or teenager, and so deserve the benefit of cheaper car insurance, then it is well worth having the Big Brother of telematics watching you when you drive.

Octagon Insurance does not currently offer telematics, however you can get an insurance quote from or GoCompare

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