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No MOT means no car insurance

The annual MOT test is always a chore, costing over £50 for the test and inevitably more money to put right any problems. Perhaps this explains why as many as 4.7 million of us miss our MOT renewal date. Should we be worried?


MOTs and the law

Not having a valid MOT can have serious consequences, not least because it is illegal, under Section 47 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. If caught, you face a fine of up to £1,000. More importantly, if you do not have a valid MOT, then your motor insurance will be automatically invalid, leaving you open to a charge of driving without insurance which will add 6 to 8 penalty points to your fine. Vehicles that are 3 year or older are require to undertake an MOT.

MOTs and motor insurance

A lack of MOT invalidates your insurance, making you liable for any costs from an accident. With the average claim currently estimated to be in the region of £2,500, the price of your missed test will seem like a bargain by comparison. What’s more, if you are convicted of driving without an MOT, your motor insurance premiums may go up significantly when it’s time to renew, costing you even more.

Can you drive without an MOT?

The only time it is legal to drive without an MOT is to and from a pre-booked appointment at a local test centre. However, it is worth bearing in mind that this is strictly enforced. Booking an appointment miles away, to coincide with another trip you need to make, will not wash with the authorities.

Remembering your MOT

You should not rely on your MOT centre to remind you when your test is due, as they are under no obligation to do so. You can however request a text reminder from VOSA by texting ‘MOT’ to 66848. The service costs £1.50 but is far less costly than forgetting.

You can get an MOT test anytime in the month before the due date, and have the certificate dated from the expiry date of your previous certificate. However, you should not leave your test until the last minute and expect your car to pass, because if it fails, you will be left without your vehicle until it is fixed and retested.

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