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How to Use your Garage Effectively (don’t fill it with junk)

It’s often safer to keep your car in the garage, however, for many of us, this simply isn’t possible, because the garage is just so full of junk. So is it worth the hassle of clearing it? And what on earth can you do with all that stuff?

Remember your car is much safer if it is locked away, and less likely to be damaged or stolen than it is on the road. And clearing it isn’t as hard as you think.

Cash in on clearing your garage

Most of us are terrible hoarders, keeping hold of stuff we no longer want or need, because we can’t bear to throw it away. If this sounds like you, then your garage could be a goldmine. Have a good clear out and you could make a fortune selling your stuff on eBay. Look out for a ‘free listing’ weekend to maximize your profits.

Alternatively, if you have lots of passing traffic, why not have a traditional garage sale, and sell off your unwanted bits and pieces to the passing public. Or book a slot at your local car boot sale – most pitches are only £5 and it can be great fun. Not only will you make a few pounds, you’ll also have lots of people taking your stuff away for you, making garage space for your car.

Free space with Freecycle

They say that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, and proves that. This popular website brings together people with stuff they don’t need, with people who need stuff. It’s all done for free, so you won’t make any money, but you will get your stuff collected and taken away for you, and you’ll get a nice fuzzy feeling of helping someone else into the bargain.

Top tip for clearing the garage

If all else fails, there’s always the local tip for your garage junk. Make sure you sort it before you go though, so that you can recycle as much as possible when you get there. Remember, if you hire a van for your tip run, you may need a permit to use the facilities at the tip. Check with your local council in advance, as a permit may take a few days to process.

A helping hand from the kids

With the long summer holidays not far away, the kids will be keen to earn some extra pocket money, so perhaps the garage is a good job to get them earning their keep. Obviously younger kids will need supervising (and wait till after exams for the older ones), but many hands make light work. You could let them keep any money they get from selling some of the unwanted stuff and they’ll enjoy the extra cash as well as the satisfying feeling of seeing an empty garage at the end.

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