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How to entertain children during car journey’s

There are no worse words on a long car journey than the dreaded phrase from the back seat “Are we there yet?”

How to keep the kids occupied

Bored kids in the car can really make the journey drag and before you know it, everyone has lost their temper and the kids have descended into a full scale fight. But it doesn’t have to be that way; car journeys can actually be loads of fun if you only know how. Here are just a few fun car games that you can play along the way to break the boredom of a long trip.

Games to play in the car

Car Counting Game

This is an easy game to play in the car, especially for younger children. Get your kids to work their way up from number 1 through each consecutive number using car registration plates. Get them to note them down to avoid any cheating! This has become easier in recent years with the popularity of personalised number plates in the low numbers. The person who has reached the highest number after an hour wins.

The Meaning of Liff

John Lloyd and Douglas Adams came up with this great book that takes place names and gives them definitions based on common experiences. (For example, Bodelwyddan is defined as the way you feel when you get off a roundabout.) This is a great game to keep older children entertained in the car. Play using names from road signs that you see.

Just a Minute

The classic Radio 4 game asks players to talk for a minute on a given subject without hesitating, deviating from the topic or repeating themselves. Take some time to prepare subjects before you set off in the car and use your mobile phone as a stopwatch.

Car Colour Cricket

A classic travel game to play in the car and keep the children entertained – car colour cricket gives each passenger a popular car colour at random that scores runs and another less popular one that takes a wicket. Each player has ten wickets to accumulate as many runs as possible. Once they have lost ten wickets, they are out. The highest score wins. For younger children, just collect runs over a half hour period.

Story Rounds

You start with ‘once upon a time….’ and each passenger then adds a line to the story, taking it in their own direction. This is often hilarious, especially with a mixture of boys and girls, as superheroes can end up rescuing beautiful princesses from evil stepmothers. This game can keep everyone in the car entertained.

Alphabet Games

Starting with A, name a fruit/vegetable/place/band/etc. The next person then has to name one beginning with B, then C and so on. The game goes round and round the alphabet until everyone is knocked out except the winner. A variation of this game can be played using the last letter of the previous answer to start the next answer.

Since most of us take our longest car journeys when we are going on holiday, putting a bit of thought into in-car games will make sure that your family’s break gets off to the right start. Have fun!

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