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Keep your Christmas presents safe

Christmas shopping is one of the most exciting parts of the festive season, as we all head for the brightly decorated shops, markets and shopping centres to buy presents for our nearest and dearest.

Sadly for hundreds of shoppers every year, Christmas shopping ends in heartbreak as their presents are stolen from their cars while they shop, or even as they pack their cars to visit friends and family. So what can you do to avoid this happening to you?

Stay alert and be sensible when shopping

Thieves are always on the look out for an easy opportunity and so Christmas is the perfect time for them. Lots of people are out buying high value goods, and in the fun and festive atmosphere, full of the season of goodwill, many are not as vigilant as they normally would be.

It is not unknown for thieves to follow a shopper back to their car in the hope that they are just dropping off the first load of gifts before going back for more. In no time at all, they can be in your car and away with your gifts, so it makes sense to take a few precautions when out Christmas shopping:

  • Always lock your shopping bags in the boot – never leave bags in sight on the seats.
  • Always leave your high value items until last, so they are not left unattended.
  • Always park in a well lit space in a public car park – the busier the better – it’s not worth saving a few pounds to park unattended in a side street
  • If possible park within sight of a CCTV camera.
  • Remember to lock your car and reset your car alarm when you leave.
  • If you see anything suspicious, report it immediately to the shopping centre security.

Watch out once you get home

Many people fall foul of opportunist thieves as they are taking presents in from the car. If you have a private drive, locked gates and live in the middle of nowhere, it’s probably fine to unload and leave your car doors wide open. However, it you live on a city street, it’s not worth the risk.

It may be a pain to close and lock your car every time you go back in to your house, but it is still better than leaving your boot open, half loaded, only to return a few minutes later to find it empty with no sign of the culprit or your precious presents.

Remember, Christmas may be the season of goodwill, but it is also the time of year where thieves want to get their hands on presents for their own friends and families – so make sure they don’t get them from your car by taking a few extra precautions with your presents this festive season.

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