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Transporting goods in a van

Vans are an essential part of many businesses, and are used to transport all manner of goods all across the country. But what should you consider when transporting goods in a van, and how can you ensure you stay safe and legal?

Packing your van practically

Perhaps the most obvious rule when transporting goods in a van is to pack your van carefully and practically. Much of this will be common sense and with just a little forethought you can make your life so much easier. For example:

Stay safe

As well as practical considerations, there are also a number of safety rules when transporting goods in a van. For example:

Plan your route

When transporting goods in a van, you should always plan your route in advance, to ensure you make the most effective and efficient use of your time and your fuel. Once you have decided on the best route, you can pack your van accordingly. When you are on route, it is always quicker and easier to double check your deliveries than it is to have to go back later and rectify a mistake.

Stay legal

Your van will have a maximum load weight that should not be exceeded and you could fall foul of the law if you overload your van. You should also try to avoid transporting goods in a van that are oversized. If your load does extend beyond your van, you will need to make sure the end is visible by attaching a reflective marker.

The UK has extensive regulations regarding hazardous substances when transporting goods in a van. You should check if these apply to your load, and if so, what labels and signage are required.

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