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Road sharing rules for motorists and cyclists

The statistics on bicycles and road accidents are alarming. Around 5% of people who die on the roads are cycling at the time, but cyclists only account for less than 1% of road use. A cyclist has 12 times the risk of dying in a road accident compared to a car driver, and a quarter of all cyclists who die, or are severely injured, are under 20. Lives could easily be saved by vehicle drivers thinking ahead, and by cyclists making sure they follow the rules of the road.

Cyclists on the road

Motorists: be aware and be considerate

Many of the same rules apply for pedal cyclists as for motorbikes but with some key differences:

However, you need to be even more careful because cyclists are usually far less protected, they are less experienced road users (especially children) and you have to expect the unexpected and think ahead:

Cyclists: be prepared and take care

Cyclists need to take some basic precautions to make sure they are visible, and that they follow the rules of the road to stay safe:

If you are a parent of a young cyclist, make sure they have passed their cycling proficiency test, that they are streetwise enough to ride on public roads, and that they have the correct equipment, including a helmet, reflectors and bright clothes.

Get cycling!

Motorists who know what it’s like to ride a bike on the roads are much more considerate when they are driving. Plus, with petrol and diesel prices still skyrocketing, and all of us needing to be more active and fitter, the more we all cycle, the better. Who knows, a cycling boom could encourage the development of better cycle lanes and routes, making using a bike safer for future generations.

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