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Protect your family on the road

As a car driver and owner, it is up to you to protect your family on the road by providing a safe environment within your car, and by making sure that your vehicle is mechanically safe for the family to travel in. Most of the steps that you need to take to protect your family on the road are common sense, but it is worth running through them.

Maintain your car

Making sure your car is in good condition means having regular servicing to avoid breakdowns, keeping your tyres properly inflated so that you have full control and can stop efficiently, and checking your tyres for wear on a regular basis.

Prepare for an unexpected breakdown

Even the best maintained cars can break down; getting a flat tyre can happen to anyone. It is therefore really important to carry the right equipment to protect your family on the road.

Seat belts are a life-saver

You need to ensure that you have the right seat belts to protect your family on the road. This includes baby seats, child seats and booster seats to fit everyone who is travelling. Remember that you need to disengage the passenger airbag if you have a rear facing baby seat in the front.

It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure all passengers under the age of 14 use their seatbelts. There is a £60 fixed penalty fine.

Store luggage safely

You also need to make sure that all luggage and other equipment stored in the back of your car is secured in order to protect your family on the road. This is especially true in estate cars. It might seem fun to let the dog roam free in the back of an estate, but if left unrestrained, the weight of the dog flying forwards in a collision could seriously injure or even kill someone.

Always drive with care and attention

The final, and perhaps most obvious way to protect your family on the road is to drive carefully. It is easy to react to arguing children by getting distracted or driving aggressively, but all this does is put everyone at risk.

To protect your family on the road, you need to drive with extra caution, sticking to speed limits and leaving plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front. It may not get you there quite as quickly, but you will actually get there.

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