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Why didn’t I see that motorbike?

For motorists who have had a collision with a motorbike, this is a question that is likely to haunt them. It’s a scary thought, but motorcyclists are 43 times more likely than a car driver to be killed in an accident on the road for every mile they travel. Reducing those risks is partly down to the way in which motorcyclists ride, but drivers can also help by following a few simple rules.

Check for motorbikes, then check again

Motorbikes are hard to see; they are much smaller than cars, motorbike gear tends to be dark, bikes have a small front profile and they can be travelling fast. Be extra careful and vigilant to spot motorbikes in the following situations:

Think bike, think biker!

It sounds obvious to remind people that bikers are people too, but research by the UK’s Department of Transport has revealed that drivers tend not to see motorbikes because, subconsciously, they don’t ‘see‘ a person riding them. Dressed in protective leathers, with a helmet and dark visor, bikers somehow don’t appear as real people. The data collected showed that car drivers with relatives who ride motorcycles are much more likely to be aware of them, and several campaigns during the last couple of years have focused on making car drivers generally more aware that bikers are real people.

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