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Monitor your fuel consumption

With the price of fuel apparently going up all the time, we all want to make sure we use as little as possible and get the most miles per gallon from our cars. But how can you monitor your fuel consumption? And how can you cut down on the amount of fuel you use?

Checking your fuel consumption

You can find the official fuel consumption figures for your car on the government car fuel website. However, this will only give you the official figures under a very strict set of circumstances, and will probably not reflect the miles per gallon you are actually getting with that model.

A more accurate way to monitor your fuel economy is to work it out for yourself. Simply fill up your tank, make your journey and fill up again. This will tell you how much fuel you have used for the miles you have covered. You can then work out the miles per gallon for yourself, or use an online fuel consumption calculator, such as the one on the Which? website to help you.

Reducing your fuel consumption

There are a number of things you can do to cut fuel consumption. For a start, you could simply drive less. Be honest, you get in the car far too often to go to the shops or to visit friends and family when they are easily within walking distance. And if the shops aren’t close by, it might work out cheaper to use a home delivery service for your groceries than to drive there and back yourself.

There are also a number of things you can do to your car to cut your fuel consumption, such as:

  • Keep your tyres at the proper pressure — low tyres can make a big difference to your fuel consumption
  • Drive more carefully — harsh accelerating and braking wastes fuel so try and stay at a steady speed and watch the road ahead.
  • Reduce drag — most cars are designed for aerodynamic efficiency, so take off your roof rack or cycle carrier when you are not using them
  • De-clutter your car — driving around with a lot of junk will only weigh the car down and increase fuel consumption.
  • Cut fuel costs

    Finally, you should make sure that you are paying no more than you have to for your fuel. These days, a good deal doesn’t stay secret for long, and there are a number of websites and smartphone apps that will show you where the best value fuel is near you.

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