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How can I make my driving more eco-friendly?

With fuel prices constantly on the rise, and concerns about carbon emissions rising almost as fast, it has never been more important to know the tips and techniques of eco-driving. Whether you see it as helping the environment, or just a good way to save fuel and money, you can practice eco-driving by making some simple adjustments.

You can cut fuel consumption as part of your move towards eco-driving before you even get in the car:

Change your driving style

The most important factor in eco-driving is then the way in which you drive. Driving more smoothly means driving more fuel efficiently, so you should avoid accelerating or braking aggressively. Your driving will be more eco-friendly if you accelerate smoothly, getting in to a high gear as quickly as possible. Never over-rev your vehicle in low gears. Similarly, it is better to slow down at a junction or lights by taking your foot off the accelerator and allowing the engine breaking to reduce your speed, than it is to pelt up to the lights and brake hard when you get there. It’s safer too!

Watching your speed

Eco-driving on longer journeys is all about speed. Driving at 60 mph uses around 6% more fuel than driving at 50 mph, and driving at 70 mph uses 15% more. This form of eco-driving is especially important on motorways, as driving at 80 mph takes up to 25% more fuel than driving at 70mph. In any one hour driving at 80 rather than 70, you will have covered just ten miles more. Is it really worth 25% more fuel to get there ten minutes earlier?

Switching off the extras

You can also enjoy easy eco-driving by switching off electrics in your car when you don’t need them. Air conditioning and heated screens require huge amounts of power, which will cut your fuel economy. That said, driving with the windows open creates drag, so you need to find a balance to maintain a comfy temperature within your car.

Simple little changes to your car and driving technique could help you save money and the environment.

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