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Winter Driving Tips Advice for driving in the snow.

Winter weather grows ever more unpredictable from balmy warm days to heavy snow falls. Are you prepared for driving in the winter weather? So many UK motorists have been caught out when the snow came, so make sure you’re prepared. Here is our safety advice checklist for driving this winter.

Your car

Breakdown cover

You’re more likely to breakdown in the bad weather; you can add breakdown vehicle cover to your Octagon Insurance motor policy from as little as £34**.

Caught out in the cold?

To stop your car doors from freezing shut during the cold weather, apply a thin coat of polish or petroleum jelly over the rubber door seals. To stop the locks from freezing add a drop of WD-40 to the locks

Car boot winter essentials

Highways agency winter campaign

The Highways Agency (HA) is making motorists aware with ‘Make Time for Winter’.

The HA has over 500 winter service vehicles on standby and the Met Office at the HA national traffic operations centre all providing vital information.

So before any journey…

Car boot essentials all year round

* Octagon Insurance does not charge you any additional premium if you do change your tyres to winter tyres, however we do ask you to notify us if you do change them and have them fitted by a qualified professional.

** cost dependent on cover type and age of vehicle

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