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Transporting Plants, Gardening Equipment and DIY

As Spring reluctantly arrives, and bank holidays abound, our minds inevitably turn to DIY and gardening. And that in turn inevitably leads to a trip to the garden centre or DIY superstore for all those vital supplies. Every Spring, we fill our cars with sacks of compost, lengths of decking and gallons of paint as we get set to tackle all those jobs we’ve been promising all winter.

All too often this can be a recipe for disaster, leading to a boot full of paint, soil all over the seats, or sometimes far worse as protruding planks cause chaos on our journey home. So how can you transport gardening and DIY supplies safely and securely? Here are a few top tips to keep your car clean and yourself and other road users safe:

  • Always transport heavy items in the boot if possible. Even at 30mph, a flying tin of paint or sack of compost could cause you serious injury if left loose on the back seat. If you must use the interior of your car, secure the item as much as possible using the rear seat belts, or place it on the floor.
  • Don’t leave things loose in the boot. If a tin of paint or a potted plant topples over, it can cause a huge mess. Plan ahead and take a blanket or a box to keep things upright.
  • Keep tempting items out of sight. If you have invested in pricey power tools, don’t leave them on the passenger seat when you leave your car – you are simply inviting opportunistic thieves.
  • Take care with protruding objects. If you need to have timber or similar products protruding from the back of your car, or through the sunroof, you should tie a brightly coloured rag to the end to make sure that other drivers can see the danger.
  • Tie your boot down securely. If the item you are transporting does not quite fit in your boot or hatchback, you must make sure that you tie the boot lid or door securely to avoid damage to the goods or to your car.
  • Think ahead. If you know you will be transporting messy items, such as plants, compost or building materials, it is far easier to line your boot or back seats in advance, than it will be to clean the mess out of them afterwards. An old blanket or towel can protect your upholstery from most loose dirt, while plastic sheeting will keep it dry and stain free.

Of course, most DIY stores and garden centres will offer delivery for bulky or awkward items. This may cost a few pounds extra, but it could be well worth it in the end, especially if your car is newer or more valuable, so it’s always worth asking.

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