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Iconic cars from Film and TV

From Ian Fleming’s famous James Bond cars, to the equally popular Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, surprisingly from the same author, TV and movies are packed with iconic vehicles that are instantly recognisable and much loved.

Here are our top ten favourite cars from television and cinema:

  1. The Bond Cars – 007 has had a number of iconic cars in his many films, but few sum up the British style and sophistication of the character quite like the Aston Martin DB5 that he raced around the Alpine passes. Packed with gadgets, including a Wacky Races style oil slick and ejector seat, the original car sold for an eye-watering $4.6million in 2010.
  2. Herbie – everyone’s favourite VW Beetle, apart from VW themselves, who refused permission for the car to bear the famous logo. Number 53, better known as Herbie, was a car with a mind of its own.
  3. The Batmobile – reinvented as regularly as Batman himself, the Batmobile has been through countless redesigns since the franchise first began, but few can rival the outrageous fins and bubble windscreens of the original 1955 Ford Lincoln Futura driven by Adam West.
  4. Starsky and Hutch’s white striped Ford – who can forget the image of David Soul sliding across the bonnet of the red Ford Grand Torino with its unmistakable white ‘go faster’ stripe. Clearly his jeans didn’t have seam studs or the paintwork would be wrecked.
  5. 1970’s Ferraris – in the 80s if you wanted your detective to look cool and stylish, the easy answer was to give them a top of the range Ferrari. Though if Magnum P.I. and the Miami Vice boys could afford such expensive supercars, you have to wonder why they bothered working at all.
  6. KITT (Knight Rider) – if ever a car stole the show from its main character, it was the Knight Industries Two Thousand, better known as KITT, the black Pontiac Trans Am with more onboard computing power than the international space station.
  7. The Bluesmobile (The Blues Brothers) – it may not have had a mind of its own, or any fancy on board technology, but it did famously have a full tank of gas, which was more than enough to take Jake and Elwood the 106 miles to Chicago.
  8. The DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future – only 9,000 DeLorean DMC-12s were ever made before they went famously bust, but while the company may be a distant memory, one of their cars will never be forgotten – especially when it hits 88mph.
  9. Ecto-1 – the clumsy, oversized Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance conversion, with its terrible droning siren, was the perfect match to the bumbling style of the Ghostbusters and is still instantly recognisable 30 years later.
  10. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – named after the noise it made on the road, CCBB was much more famous for leaving the road and taking to the air in the timeless children’s adventure.

Of course, not all famous on screen vehicles were slick sports cars, and an honourable mention must go to two of our favourite TV vans – the groovy Mystery Machine that ferried around the Scooby Gang, and the iconic black General Motors G-15, with its sliding side doors, that was home to the A-Team. Without these two pesky small screen vans, who knows how many bad guys would have gotten away with it!

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