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With the hectic pace of life, it’s easy to take your car for granted and just get in and rush off to work without a second thought and then continue getting in and out to do the shopping, take the kids to school and go on holiday. Until the day your car refuses to start, or it gets you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Yet a few minutes doing some basic car checks for wear and tear every so often could save you this hassle and make a real difference, both to your safety and to the longevity of your car.

Here are a few of the basic car checks you should be performing daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

Daily car checks

It takes just a few seconds to walk around your car and visually check your tyres for pressure and condition. If you just get in, and miss a low tyre on the passenger side, you could end up finding out the hard way next time you have to brake hard. You should do the same inside, giving the windscreen a quick look over to check for any chips in the glass. If you catch these early, they can be easily fixed through your motor insurance, and in most cases won’t affect your no claims discount or cost you any excess.

Weekly car checks

Once a week you should check your car lights with the help of a friend or family member. An indicator or brake light bulb can blow at any time, leaving you assuming you are signalling safely when in fact you are not. A few minutes checking can avoid you getting shunted when you appear to stop or turn unexpectedly.

Monthly car checks

At least once a month you should take the time to conduct a more detailed check of your car. This includes checks on the following:

  • Tyre pressures – using a garage air line
  • Tyre condition – remember worn tyres can cost you points as well as putting your car at risk
  • Oil level – note how much you need to top up and get your engine checked if the amount seems excessive
  • Wiper blades – worn wiper blades can be really dangerous if they smear instead of wiping
  • Screenwash – check this more often if you use it a lot, such as during gritting season
  • Power steering fluid – your garage will have the right fluid if you need it.
  • Bodywork – get dents and dints repairs quickly to avoid rust problems
  • Exhaust – check your exhaust for rust and decay and replace it if required

Why not put a monthly reminder in your phone for the 1st of the month.

Annual car checks

Naturally, you should have your car serviced annually, to check all fluid levels and replace all filters. This will not only prolong the life of your car and make sure that it is safe, but it will also spot any problems early so that they can be fixed before they become really expensive.

You should also check your car thoroughly before your annual MOT test, including things like seatbelts, spare wheel, brake condition and lights. If you see any problems, get them fixed before your MOT to avoid a costly retest.

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