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Buying a new car? Check out our checklist

After investing in a home, buying a new car is probably the second largest purchase you will ever make. Understandably you’ll want to consider it carefully to make sure that you get exactly the right car for your money.

The trouble is you have so many different things to consider when buying a new car, from size to fuel economy, environmental impact to depreciation, road tax to finance. Not to mention all those personal aspects of buying a new car, like make, colour and style.

Think about how you want to use your car

Before you start to think about the details of where to get your car from, or how to pay for it, you will want to think carefully about why you want a car and what you want it for.

Think about how long you want to keep your car

Most people tend to keep a car for at least three years, often longer, so it makes sense to have a long-term view to make sure the car you choose will suit you for more than a few months.

Will you buy new or second hand?

Think money: financial checklist for car buyers

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