No loss of NCD if you are hit
by an uninsured driver

protecting your insurance premiums, saving you money

Fighting Fraud – Protecting Our Customers There is no good reason for anyone to make fraudulent claims.

Apart from it being a criminal act, fraud directly affects how insurance companies have to deal with customers. It leads directly to higher premiums being charged, and therefore ultimately you, the honest customer, suffers.

At Octagon, our promise to you is to try to identify fraud wherever it is committed, investigate each case thoroughly and take all necessary action to ensure that fraudsters do not benefit from their actions.

AND POTENTIAL FRAUDSTERS BEWARE – if you are thinking of buying one of our policies – don’t !

We check 100% of the No Claims Discount proof documents we receive. For the benefit of all our customers, if a fake or falsified NCD is supplied we may notify the Police and alert other insurers in order to assist with the prevention and detection of fraud.

If you want to report insurance fraud, you can do this online here on the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) website or call the Cheatline on 0800 422 0421

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