No loss of Your No Claims Bonus
if you are hit by an uninsured driver

Protecting your insurance premiums, saving you money

Cashback Claim Queries Form Submit your cashback claim query here

Octagon have been notified by several cash back websites that not all sales were tracked correctly and therefore a number of customers have not received their cashback. If you believe your cashback has not been tracked or declined when it should have been accepted please submit your query via the form below. Octagon will then be able to trace your policy and confirm if you should receive cashback.

In order to be eligible for cashback the quote that you purchased should not have originated from a price comparison site. It must be a new quote from a cashback site, and your policy should have been live for at least 60 days from the policy start date (not purchased date).

It may take up to 7 working days for us to process your query, we will notify you via the cashback site once this has been done.

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