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Fake Personal Injury Insurance Claims

The Octagon customer bought an Octagon car insurance policy and a week later he contacted Octagon to make a claim.

The circumstances of the accident were that customer said he had been travelling to Loughborough to make plans for a family wedding with six male companions in his vehicle. Whilst travelling along a rural road a young child ran out in front of the vehicle causing Mr Smith to swerve into a small brick wall.

When the customer reported the accident he suggested that all of his passengers may have been injured but there was only minimal damage to his car.  As the car insurance policy was Third Party, Fire & Theft, he could not claim for damage to the car.

Octagon Insurance instructed Investigators to visit the customer and obtain a statement to fully understand the events of the accident; however he was reluctant to speak with the Investigator, only doing so by telephone. The investigator did manage to speak to an occupant of the same flat as the customer who was able to provide more information. They stated they knew nothing about the insured vehicle that was involved in the ‘accident’ and they were able to show the Investigator another vehicle in the street which reportedly belonged to the customer which was not the insured vehicle.

Following the Investigator’s visit, Octagon Insurance received a text message from the customer advising that the claim would be withdrawn provided no further action was taken against him.

The passengers’ injury claims from the accident have not materialised.

This type of insurance fraud is only too common and had Octagon Insurance settled these 6 or 7 non-existent personal injury claims, it would have had an effect on every Octagon Insurance car insurance premium. Octagon Insurance is tracking down insurance fraudsters in an effort to help keep your vehicle insurance premiums low.

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