No loss of NCB if you are hit
by an uninsured driver

protecting your insurance premiums, saving you money

Buying Fake NCBs – there really is no point!

There have been an increasing number of instances where fake No Claims Bonus (NCB) Certificates are being bought from websites selling them for a fee. The insurance industry is alive to this scam and as would be expected has taken measures to identify the perpetrators and prosecute them. As a case in point a simple check on a motor website forum led to us identifying a seller. Having identified themselves via the forum, we were able to pass on details to the following bodies:

Following their investigations all those involved have been identified, along with the details of those who bought fake certificates. Appropriate action is being taken against all those involved.

Anyone considering providing or using them should think again as they will be dealt with to the maximum that the law allows. Apart from invalidating your current policy it will severely jeopardise all future insurance purchases.

If you are aware of any sites selling certificates then ring the Insurance Fraud Bureau on 0800 422 0421 or report them online here:


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